Liberia: LP-USA official Vows to Help Sen. Dillon Retain Senate Seat


USA – As the December 8, 2020, mid-term senatorial election fast approaches, the chair of the opposition Liberty Party-USA Youth Wing has arrived in Monrovia on a mission to see Senator Darius Dillon reelected.

Of course, Ansu Dukuly doesn’t underestimate the tough nature of the current electioneering process; he, however, believes that Dillon is the “right choice” and the “better person” to help Montserrado County realize its purpose.

As such, Dukuly is willing to hit the ground running for a candidate he believes will amplify the voices of the people of Montserrado in the Senate.

“We are willing and prepared to campaign throughout the length and breadth of Monsterrado. We will defy raining torrents and scorching rays to see Dillon retain his seat in the Senate. This election is critical, and we want our people to understand that a rice bag is not enough to secure their votes. We want them to understand that voting decisively and for the right person is what the county needs,” Dukuly notes.

“Dillon is an agent of social change, an unmatched advocate for social justice. I cannot overemphasize his commitment to transparency and unwavering dedication to working for the people,” he adds.

Dukuly also believes strongly that Dillon’s positions on most Senate issues are sound and in the people’s interest, as opposed to his opponents.

“Dillon is intimately familiar with the county’s needs and knows how to get things done in Montserrado,” notes the LP-USA youth chair.

He added that Dillon’s ability to listen and his commitment to truly and honestly serve his people give him (Dillon) an edge over other candidates in the heavily-contested run for Senate in Montserrado.

A total of 118 candidates are vying for 15 seats in the December 8 senatorial election, according to FrontPageAfrica. Senator Darius Dillon is one of several candidates running in Montserrado County. He seeks to retain his seat.

Meanwhile, Dukuly, who’s also an official of the diaspora-based Grand Konia organization, will use this opportunity to establish and raise awareness of the organization across sub-regional countries.

Grand Konia is the largest diaspora-based West African Mandingo organization that is dedicated to preserving the Mandingo heritage. In addition to Liberia, Dukuly will be visiting Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Côte d’Ivoire to advocate and increase the Grand Konia brand visibility across these neighboring countries.