Liberia: LAXTON Groups Gets Last Laugh, PPCC Grants NEC No Objection for Biometric ID Contract


MONROVIA – The Public Procurement Concession Commission (PPCC) has granted a “no objection” to the National Elections Commission submission, accompanying documents and subsequent clarifications for the awarding of biometric contracts to LAXTON Group. 

The amount is in the tone of USD$11, 956,834.32(Eleven Million, nine hundred thirty-four thousand, thirty-two dollars) for the purpose of supplying and delivering biometric voter Registration equipment, software and materials for the 2023 residential and legislative elections.

By Henry Karmo

“The  no objection is hereby rendered for the NEC to award contract to LAXTON Group in the amount of USD $ 11, 956,834.32 for the supply and delivery of Biometric voter Registration Equipment, software and materials for the 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections.”

Under the contract, the NEC will ensure quality conformance for the contract package, giving its critical nature and giving that the first biometric Voter Registration pilot for Liberia. 

In the PPCC’s “no objection”, the NEC is advised to submit a copy of the final contract to the PPCC for validity and reporting, as required by the PPCA.

The PPCC  also admonished and deemed it a priority that the NEC remains primarily in compliance with the PPCA, as they both jointly aspire to achieve transparency, accountability, value for money and ultimate public confidence in Liberia’s Public procurement and concession processes.

The PPCC  ‘no objection’ was a result of the NEC re-evaluation report submitted which amongst many states that after reviews of bidders, including, EIS, Laxton Group, Waymark/Mwetena, they were responsive to the re-demonstration requirements:  Data Entry, Printing of ID card, Duplication, software, and responsiveness to other indicated requirement in the bids.

In the NEC previous recommendations to the PPCC, the chairperson of the Commission said the comparative audited income statements of each of the bidders show that only Ekemp/INITS/Palm and Laxton have implemented a project worth   amount over the last two years.

Madam Davidetta Brown-Lansannah also said Laxton failed to provide audited financial statements for the immediate past year (2021), which is a requirement in the standard bidding documents.

Laxton only provided statements for the fiscal years 2020 and 2019 and did not provide audited financial statements.

Moreover, Laxton expressed a condition regarding its ability to pre-finance. 

“The NEC did not and has not awarded any contract to the recommended bidder or to any other bidders in this matter.

 Moreover, the original report shows that only Ekemp/Inits/Palm and ESI made it to the final stage of the evaluation, the NEC chair stated in her October 25th press conference.