Liberia: Homeless Mother of Twins Pleads for Help As Fire Ravages Home


Pleebo, Maryland County – Several persons, including a twin mother, have been made homeless following the burning of their five bedrooms apartment in Pleebo City.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, October 7, 2022, thus destroying thousands of dollars worth of properties with no human casualties.

Speaking to FPA after the incident, the twins’ mother, Theresa Toe, said the situation has worsened life for her and the children, thereby calling for urgent assistance from humanitarians and the government for the upkeep of her babies (a male and a female).

The actual cause of the fire has not been verified but residents of the community are blaming it on witchcraft activities as there was neither electricity nor fire in the apartment at the moment.

Efforts by residents to extinguish the blazing fire could yield no results due to the intensity of the fire.

Explaining further, the homeless twin mother said she had left her babies in one of the rooms while fetching for food in the community, only to be told that the apartment was on fire.

“It was only by the grace of God and by the help of neighbors that my children were rescued”, she said.

“I went to hustle as a single mother just to feed the home because the father of the babies has abandoned us for the last four months”, Theresa added.

She said life has been extremely difficult for her and the children due to her husband’s failure to cater to the home, stating that they have been surviving by the help of neighbors.

She is, meanwhile, appealing to First Lady, Clar Weah in particular for assistance in order to ease some of the challenges she and her kids are enduring.

“I am kindly calling on the First Lady who is the mother of the land to please come and help just as she has been doing for others across the country”, she continued.

“My kids and I are currently squatting at a relative’s place since the fire destroyed our only shelter,” said the twin mother.

Theresa said she and her children are currently in need of food and finance for upkeep.

She can be contacted at +231 (0) 880633426.