Liberia: Govt. Bows To CPP December 17, Rally


MONROVIA — Liberia’s Justice Minister and acting head of state, Counsellor Musah Dean has granted permission for the holding of the December 17, planned peaceful rally organized by the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP).

Minister Dean has accordingly directed the Liberia National Police to provide all necessary protection to citizens attending the December 17, rally, outside the SKD Sports Complex in Paynesville, Monrovia.
In a letter dated December 8, addressed to CPP Deputy Secretary General Martin Kollah and forwarded to Police Director Patrick Sudue, Justice Minister Dean ordered the Police to provide and ensure protection of all citizens attending the Rally.

The Organizing Committee of the CPP peaceful rally said the rally is intended for the suffering masses, and those injured by the failed and inept administration of President George Weah to amplify their demands for good governance and to end the worsening economic conditions in the country.

He said the December 17 planned peaceful rally goes beyond Political Parties and involves civil society, interest groups, religious groups, as well as ordinary Liberians disappointed and affected by the poor performance of the Weah’s administration.

Mr. Brown said the December 17, rally is a platform created by the CPP for Liberians to vent their frustration and dissatisfaction against the deteriorating economic conditions and extreme poverty in Liberia.

“If you are enjoying stay home. If you like the poor state of affairs, stay home. If you scared stay home. But if you are suffering and bearing more then you can carry, then the planned December 17, Peaceful rally is for you,” Mr. Brown said as he called on all Liberians irrespective of political affiliations, to attend the rally.

The organizing Committee assured Liberians that the December 17 rally will be Peaceful and that the police is duty-bound by law to ensure maximum protection of its citizens.