Liberia: Female Officer of the Liberia Immigration Service Killed in Her Own Residence; Left Lying in Pool of Blood


MONROVIA – An officer of the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS), believed to be in her early 50s, has been killed in cold blood by unknown persons at her Brewerville residence, outside Monrovia.

She was killed on Sunday, October 31.

Neighbors and family members found her lying unconscious in a pool of blood with bruises and cuts on her neck and forehead shortly after the incident.

The victim was pronounced dead at the John F. Kennedy Medical Hospital in Sinkor, Monrovia, where she was taken for advance medical checkup and subsequent treatment.

Eyewitnesses say the victim was staying alone in her house when the incident occurred.

The unknown men broke into the house by removing the iron bars from one of the windows of the victim’s house.

“They entered the house through the window and when we got there this morning, we saw her lying in blood. Her things in the room where scattered,” Korto Brown stated.

Police launch probe

Speaking in an interview with FrontPageAfrica via telephone on Monday, November 1, Police Spokesman Moses Carter confirmed the incident.

He described the incident as unfortunate, but disclosed that a manhunt search has been launched for the perpetrators.

He noted that a probe has also been instituted to clearly understand and ascertain what prompted the incident.

Carter emphasized that the police will exert more efforts to ensure that the perpetrators do not go with impunity.

“Our officers got a tipoff of the murder incident and immediately responded. We found her lying in a pool of blood unconscious. She was later pronounced dead and we have launched an investigation to bring the perpetrators to book. Physical examination has established that she was murdered”.

 “We have preliminarily established that she was living in her house alone when this incident happened. She was hit with some instruments, though we are yet to establish which instruments she was hit with. Bruises could be seen on her head; she suffered some lacerations”.

He disclosed that there police have not been able to establish whether or not the victim was involved into misunderstanding or confrontation with any family members, friends or neighbors.

He further called on members of the public to assist the police with relevant information that could lead to the arrest and subsequent prosecution of the doers of the act.

Murder all over

When quizzed why there are so many secret killings and murder across Monrovia and other parts of the country in recent times with perpetrators not being brought to book, Carter justified that the situation is not unique to Liberia.

He said the investigation which could lead to possible arrest and prosecution of individuals who are perpetrating those acts against peaceful Liberian citizens and others remain the sole responsibility of the police.

“I don’t know what you termed as secret killings; but what I do know is that, murder is something that happens all around the world, our responsibility as an investigative institution is to ensure that when people commit murder, they are not allowed to go with impunity and that is why we will ensure that the perpetrators of this act are made to face the full weight of the law”.

Carter further called on family members, friends, neighbors and others of the victim to exercise restraint and give chance to the investigation that is being conducted by the police.

We can’t be all over

Carter emphasized that though the police regret the incident and will ensure that the perpetrators are apprehended and prosecuted in keeping with the laws of Liberia, citizens and others should be cognizant of the fact that the police cannot be all over at the same time.

He noted that though the police continue to intensify efforts in combating against crimes and protecting lives and properties in Liberia, the lack of adequate logistical support remains a challenge.

“We have launched our patrol across the country, but the police cannot be everywhere at the same time. We reached some of these places and some of these places we do not reached. It doesn’t mean that because we didn’t reach to some of these areas, we are not going to reach there. That’s why we have the community police; they should be able to help us in that direction”.


Liberians and other foreign residents continue to live in fear as a result of the growing wave of secret and ritualistic killings that have engulfed the country.

During the early evening hours, citizens and others are constrained to leave their respective work places or business centers earlier then before as a result of the situation.

Monrovia and other parts adjacent appear like a ‘ghost town’ as most citizens and other foreign residents do not normally stay or remain on the streets as compare to the past.

Owners of various businesses including supermarkets, stores, and shops, among others are seen closing their businesses early for fear of being attacked or killed by unknown persons.

Though the government, through the Liberia National Police (LNP) has denied reports of ritualistic killings ongoing across the country, it remains faced with the present herculean task of curbing the unprecedented wave of armed and broad day robberies, hijacking, and snatching of valuables from citizens by unknown commercial motorcyclists who continue to ply the streets of Monrovia and other parts adjacent.

Citizens have persistently blamed the situation on the alleged failure of the police to intensify its efforts to patrol in the communities and on the streets during the day and night hours.

The lack of adequate logistical support and numerical strength remains the ‘every day song; being sang by authorities of the Liberia National Police (LNP) under the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led government of President George Manneh Weah.

Though government and its partners continue to provide support to the security sector, the current state of Liberia’s security remains fragile and unstable as evidenced by the growing wave of armed robberies, hijacking, secret killings, among others taking place across the country.