Liberia: CDC Lawmaker Solomon George Blasts Colleagues in Ruling Party for Being “Stingy” to Party Members


MONROVIA – An executive committee member of the governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Representative Solomon Claudius George, has expressed dismay and regret over the high level of frustration and disappointment among vast majority of partisans and supporters of the CDC.

Lawmaker George is representing the people of electoral district # 7 on the ticket of the CDC.

Representative George pointed out that partisans and supporters he called “foot soldiers,” who canvassed vigorously to ensure the election of the CDC in 2017, are upset with the party and government in particular.

He made these comments in an exclusive interview with FrontPage Africa at his Capitol Building office in Monrovia recently.

He blamed the situation on those he called “stingy and mean” government officials.

Representative George said CDC supporters and partisans across the country continue to complain that they are not “feeling the trigger-down effect of what supposed to be felt”.

This, he added, places more burdens on the national government, especially the President to do more.

“To be frank, I must speak truthfully to the ruling establishment that there are some foot soldiers that really worked for us to ensure that we win the last elections. These people are not feeling the trigger down effect from us to them. For me, I will blame the very stingy and mean government officials”.

“These people are closed to us and we can’t help them with bags of rice, pay their children school fees, or help to even clean the streets. It is not possible for President George Weah to do everything. He assigned you somewhere so you can stretch your hands to people around you; and the people around you can be able to stretch their hands to others. That triggering down effect is not taking place in our government. We need to open our eyes and ears to ensure that what we are earning trigger down to our people”.

He pointed out that the stinginess of most government officials, particularly those within the proximity of the President, has negatively contributed to the ruling party losing elections.

Representative George made specific reference to government officials residing in electoral district # 6 in Montserrado County.

“District # 6 in Montserrado County-where the President is from; in that district, there are about 20 ministers and the CDC has always lost elections in that district. It’s because we are having too much stingy government officials around there”.


He maintained that many of these public officials are “unsympathetic” to the plights of those who immensely contributed to what they are enjoying today.

“They (public officials) have that lackadaisical attitude; they do not care about the next man. All they care about is I, me and myself”.

Making biblical reference, Representative George reminded public officials to always see the necessity for extending helping hands to others, nothing that, “little is much and if you give small to people they will appreciate you”.

Biased harmonization

Sometimes ago, the government, through the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning carried out a salary harmonization scheme for public officials and civil servants.

The move, which was heavily, criticized greatly affected civil servants, who were already being paid “a drop in the bucket”.

Representative George pointed out that the entire salary harmonization scheme initiated by the government, through Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel Tweah was baised.

“You don’t have to be making millions before you help somebody; we know that there was this harmonization process although some people weren’t harmonized-which was not good. There were some biases that took place and that’s cheating. The little you are making, try to help somebody”.

Change your attitude

 Representative George disclosed that the high level of frustration and disappointment among supporters and partisans of the CDC should serve as a wakeup call to these “mean and stingy” government officials.

He said though the attitude of these public officials has no negative effect towards the second term bid of President Weah, they should change their attitudes for their own good.

He noted that these officials should now see reason to begin to look at their constituents and have in minds that “the people are not feeling us”.

Troublesome for us

Representative George pointed out that it would be detrimental for the ruling party during the next or future legislative elections or by-elections, if public officials, especially those from the ruling party continue to hold back their hands from helping or identifying with “foot soldiers” of the CDC.

“I don’t see their action stalling President Weah’s second term. President Weah second term is signed sealed and delivered. The people love the President- what he goes around doing for people, I have not seen other governments doing it”.

He said the rift of these aggrieved partisans and supporters of the CDC awaits these public officials who are contemplating on contesting elected positions in the future.

Breaking down homes, businesses

Representative George further questioned the rationale behind the demolition of makeshift homes and businesses owned by Liberians during these difficult times.

He said such acts were not promised the citizenry in 2017, noting that, “what works for the western world, does not work for Africa”.

He maintained that the Weah led-government needs to be “very careful” on how it “treats, demeans and disrespects” its citizens.

“We need to be very careful how we talk to someone who has a vote a way that is not befitting to us. If we do not be careful-It’s not (President) George Weah who will suffer the pinch; it is his 103 officials that will be running”.

Representative George claimed that frustrated partisans and supporters of the governing party are planning to payback at the ballot boxes come future elections.

“We need to begin to look after our people. These officials need to make a u-turn from their stingy ways or else, it will cause serious problem for us. Begin to look at your people, show them respect and talk to them”.

Speaking further, the CDC lawmaker pointed out that though he is not earning much as compare to his first term under the Unity Party (UP) led-government of ex-President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, he is using his meager allocations and resources to provide formal and informal education opportunities to scores of his constituents.

He pointed out that he has also been engaged into augmenting the strength of national government by constructing mini bridges in his district.

He made specific reference to the construction of two bridges in both New Port Street and Mamba Point communities in Monrovia.

Representative George added that latrines were recently completed following the alleged squandering of previous monies allocated for the projects in his district by the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE) during the past regime.f