Liberia: Calvary Baptist Dedicates Computer Lab


MONROVIA – The pace at which technology leaves no room to doubt whether to prioritize it.  Almost everything people do nowadays is done on a computer, and whatever job advertised requires computer knowledge.

Besides the euphoria young people have to use smartphones and in some cases laptop computers, they feel obliged to have computer knowledge because of the job challenge computer literacy poses.

Against this backdrop, the Calvary Baptist School in Sinkor has met the commitment it made to students and parents of brining a computer lab close to them.  The lab at present has about 39 pieces of desktop computers that students in the senior high division will use to acquaint themselves with the knowledge as the foster ahead in their education.

Dedicating the lab recently on the school’s campus in Fiahmah, Sinkor in Monrovia, the Chairperson of the board, Saye Mangbinni, said there was a time the school charged a minimum amount in the fees for students to help the school as they look out for additional fund.

According to Mr. Mangbinni, the parents did not hesitate since it involves the academic wellbeing of their children, and the board and school being conscious of the parents’ desire for their children to learn in line with others, the board on the other hand could not betray the trust but to bring to fruition their wish.

The school used about US$5,000 to make the lab available according to the board chairperson, and as the school progresses, they are going to add up in order to have all students enjoy the learning opportunity.

For the Principal, Madam Dorothy B. Saikay, she was disappointed in the parents for not turning out for the dedication of what they yearned for.  According to Madam Saikay, parents were given invitation to attend the dedication and to also come and listen to their children’s academic report, but none turned out except the students and some members of the Calvary Baptist Church.

To the students, the Principal warned them not to boycott the computer literacy section for home or outing using false excuses.

“You people are not willing to learn.  We pressed on the board to make available these computers for your learning purpose.  Do not use the time of teaching to go home or elsewhere using false excuses.  You talked about this and we have made it available,” said Madam Saikay.

Frank Saah Foko, Montserrado County District 9 Representative who arrived later at the dedication urged students to see him as an example to gain courage and aspire for a better future by giving serious attention to learning.

“Some of us parents did not lay the foundation for us, because while in school, we did not have a computer lab.  However, for you, there is one dedicated here today and you are to make use of.  I had one pair of shoes used in school, but some of you have two.  You have the opportunity to make your future enjoyable because you have people who have laid it for you.  Make use of this and see me as a good example that you can foster to become the same way I am or even more than I am,” said Representative Foko.

The Calvary Baptist School has an unequipped science lab with just a few equipment.  With the need for more equipment, Representative Foko promised to provide air cool and sliding window glass for the lab in two months while he seeks support for other scientific equipment outside to address that issue.

Reverend G. Larque Vaye, Senior Pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church and ex-officio of the board, also urged the students to make use of the computer lab and avoid activities that will damage the equipment.

Abel G. Kpeh, Technology Instructor of the school, said the number of computers there will allow each student at a time to access a computer, and they have instituted rules for strict adherence to ensure that users do not carry out any act that will damage the computers.

According to him, Kpeh, students will be exposed to the “Beginning of operating a computer,” which involves booting, folder, and file and icon creation on the screen, amongst others.