Liberia: BlueCrest Graduates Several Students with Degree in Information Technology


MONROVIA – Over seventy-five students walked out of the walls BlueCrest University with degrees in Information Technology. 

BlueCrest University is Liberia Premier Higher institution of learning offering BSC in Information Technology (IT).

Serving as guest Speaker, Professor Edward Lama Wonkeryor, Ph.D. Director General, National Commission on Higher Education stressed the importance of Information Technology into today’s nation building and challenged graduates to use their skills acquired to build Liberia.

According to him, higher education sector of Liberia is in a state of transformation. He explained that this suggests that achieving the most cherished sustainable development of Liberia requires quality and relevant higher education at the national level, though in the global context.  

He also said, the emergence and domination of “technological supremacy” around the world does not leave Liberia into the open air.  He believes, as a member of the global community, Liberia is a beneficiary to the technological transformation that is being experienced by the world, and thanks to BlueCrest University College and other institutions that are advancing this new world order to our dear country.  

“At the NCHE, we have shifted our focus towards promoting STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) as a means to ensure not only quality outputs, but to also enhance the relevance of higher education outputs for effective nation building.  Consequently, we encourage our licensed and accredited institutions to incorporate information technology as major course to build the capacities of individuals and prepare them for the new world order. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is a well-known fact that technology is advancing dramatically in our everyday lives as a nation.  The impact of IT is glaring across our socio-economic lives on a daily basis.  For instance, many agencies of government, non-governmental organizations, and corporate organizations in Liberia now have IT sections to manage computers, networks and other technical areas of concern.  Every day we are holding conferences and discussions through virtual means such as zoom, among others, on the Internet, not to even mention video chats that are held on our cell phones.”

He further said, architects, engineers, medical doctors, accountants, and other professionals now use technology to conduct their businesses.  Most importantly, the education system has adopted online approach to learning, using e-learning a complementary means to education.  

He expressed appreciation to all institutions that are involved with IT programs and encouragedothers to join the effort, especially at the higher education level.  

“Equally important, I believe that it is important for stakeholders to lend more support to higher education, particularly to those institutions offering IT and other STEM programs.  Higher education is expensive, and we need to support our institutions as a means to obtain competitive outputs from their programs.

“For instance, in a developing country such as Liberia, there is the overriding need for technical, professional, and technological education at all levels to drive the National Agenda and ensure its successful implementation for national prosperity and sustained growth and development.  We emphasize the education for sustainable development to be diverse in the context of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  

As technology steadily advances in the nation building process, he encouraged the providers of higher education to incorporate and focus on the other areas in order to ensure a holistic and well-balanced development program for the country.  

He also assured Liberians that the NCHE’s is committed to work with all institutions of higher learning to transform the higher education sector for the benefit of our future generations.  

“To the graduates, I say congratulations for your sterling achievements! You all have now become enterprising actors in the rebuilding project of democratic Liberia within the matrix of the free market economic system. I wish you all well in your future endeavors.”