Liberia: Armed Robber Killed After Attempt to Rob Forex Operator at Gunpoint Went Wrong


MONROVIA – Police in Monrovia have gunned down another alleged armed robber after his plan to armed rob a forex bureau operator under gunpoint failed.

The armed robber who was yet to be identified up to press time on Sunday attacked the Fula money exchanger on 15th Street in Sinkor.

The armed robber attacked the money exchanger in his compound on 15th Street at about 3:00 am, held him under gunpoint and demanded money from him. However, he was overpowered by the brothers of the money exchanger who also fought to disarm him.

According to the money exchanger, while his brothers tussled with him to disarm him, he fired a shot from the single barrel gun which he used to terrorize him. Fortunately, no one got wounded or killed by the bullet.

It was during his tussle with the men that the police were called to the scene.

He then tried escaping by running and jumping into the next compound reportedly belonging the Harbel Supermarket on 15th Street. That was where he began exchanging fire with the police that arrived on the scene. He was shot to death during the exchange of fire.

The money exchanger who was attacked told reporters that he has for the past two weeks been seeing the armed robber around his bureau but he never transacted business with him. He, however, said he was never suspicious of him.

This is the third killing of armed robber(s) in recent by the Liberia National Police (LNP) which has vowed to return fire for fire.

The Inspector General of Police, Col. Patrick Sudue is on record for expressing dismay over the courts releasing criminals who remanded at the Monrovia Central Prison back into the communities.

“The release of these criminals by the court is causing serious problems for the Police and the community. One Kessely Mulbah was released by the court in the same way, when he came back in the community, he killed a member of Kapaukapau night watch team in Keba and was again shot by the LNP anti-robbery squad in the leg, treated and sent back to the court and he was sent to South Beach prison,” Col. Sudue said.

On May 20, five robbers were gunned down by officers of the Anti-Robbery Unit of the Liberia National Police while in an arm robbery attempt at the Fresh Frozen Food Liberia cold storage in the Redlight Market.

“We are not going to relent and like I said, anybody who uses force we will use equal and proportional force. In this case, fire arm was used against us, so we used maximum force,” Col. Sudue said.