Liberia: 1.5 million Gallons of Diesel Fuel Belonging to Petro Trade Missing from Storage Facility at LPRC


MONROVIA – The Heritage Law Firm representing Petro Trade has written the management of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) questioning the whereabouts of about 1.5 million gallons of diesel fuel which has reportedly disappeared from their storage facility.

FrontPageAfrica has gathered that several efforts on the part of the company to have LPRC account for the missing product are yet to yield the desired result as their filling stations risk shutting down soon if their product is not returned.

The owners/importers of the missing products are said to be demanding an immediate replacement of their products in order to enable them to remain in business and avert a possible collapse of the sector and a subsequent economic disaster that the country is not prepared for.

It remains unclear what the LPRC did with the automotive gas oil (AGO), but sources within Petro Trade say the LPRC informed them that Aminata has 400,000 gallons of their product while Nexium has 300,000. “How is that possible when we are not informed. Where is the remaining product, then?” the inside source asked rhetorically.

According to the inside source at Petro Trade, their suppliers are now afraid to supply them and they are not going to bring any product into the country for now. This, according to them, might cause an acute shortage on the market and create an unbearable situation for citizens.

FrontPageAfrica could not get comments from LPRC on the missing product. However, FrontPageAfrica has seen a June 17, 2022 communication from the Deputy Managing Director of LPRC, Mr. Adrian Mario, to the CEO of Petro Trade, Mr. Ibrahim Hamdan, informing him that “upon LPRC’s reconciliation of your stocks, our book balance indicates that you have 1,474.576 gallons of AGO”.

The inside source at Petro Trade says their management is now wondering how their product was given out or sold without their consent.

According to the source, the product went missing between April and March despite the LPRC book reconciliation as of June 17 indicating that they had over a million gallons.

Product lifting from the LPRC terminal is subject to effective electricity to run the pumps & loading rack, technical team to open tanks & operate pumps and loading rack, importer or distributor delivery order, LPRC TLO, and security to open gates.

All of the above procedures are under LPRC Operation & Marketing department and are important to be indicated as no one can take 1.3 million gallons by tubes, bottles, or gallons out of the LPRC compound.