Learning from Liberia’s Policing: Gambia Police Chief and Delegation Visit Liberia

Inspector General of The Gambia in Blue Gown along with delegates and Officers of LNP

Monrovia – The Gambia Police chief has praised his Liberian counterpart for portraying the best practice of policing since the end of the country’s civil war.

Mr.Mamour Jabo, Inspector General of The Gambia Police also served in Liberia decades ago as an instructor, is in the country along with a delegation meeting officials of the LNP.

They are hoping to learn from the experience of the Liberian police.  

“Many homes are requesting that we shut down the units of police, here you called it Police Support Unit and Emergency Response Unit and we want to know how can we restructure ours,” Mr. Jabo said.

“We are here to learn your strategies in handling demonstrations and the reforms, how did it work.”

The Gambia Police delegation also includes Samba Jawo, Deputy Inspector General of Police; and Ebrima Bah, Assistant Inspector General of Police.

The LNP Inspector General Patrick Sudue said he was overwhelmed by the visit of the Gambia delegation, adding that the visit will augment their effectiveness in performing their job.

“They are here to see how we gravitated from one level to another, you all know that we have similar stories,” Sudue said.

Col. Sudue boasted that the LNP has put in more time to community policing rather than applying excessive force.

Meanwhile, the LNP Inspector General urged officers of the LNP to “perform their duties with perfection”.

He said officers who failed to abide by the code of ethics of the institution will be penalized in keeping with the Police Act.