Her Voice Liberia, Sister Hand Donate COVID-19 Preventive Materials to Inmates at Monrovia Central


Monrovia-As Liberia intensifies the fight against further spread of the deadly Corona Virus, two local organizations engaged in Legal Aid Mobile Clinic for women and Children, Her Voice Liberia and Sister Hand Liberia have donated essential materials to inmates at the Monrovia Central Prison.

Making the donation which included cartoons of clorox, cartoon of Alcohol, sanitizers, sanitary Pads, one big drum, buckets packaged bags amongst others, the two officials of the two organizations said the donation is meant to ensure that inmates at the prison are protected from the scourge of the COVID-19 virus.

The Executive Director of Her Voice Liberia, Atty. Magaret M. Nigba said during crises women and children suffer and most crises endanger the lives and dignity of women.

According to Atty. Nigba, men suffer in these situations as well, but women and children are more exposed to unique threats during these chaotic situations that make them more vulnerable.      

Atty. Nigba said due to the vulnerability of women and children, it is the primary reason why UN agencies, government and other institutions must invest in women in times of crises.

She said women are first responders in communities and they are often left alone to care for their children and families. 

Amongst other issues affecting women, Atty. Nigba said women often carry psychological wounds without support.

She added “During crises women specific needs are overlooked. That HVL clinic is free and open to women who do not have lawyer to represent you in court. In our way to say Keep safe ,Her Voice legal aid clinic in partnership with Sister Hand Liberia present these items to assist in the fight against COVID-19”.

The Her Voice Liberia Executive Director disclosed that similar donation was carried out in the Virginia Community.

The items donated, she disclosed included: 2 cartoons of Clorox, 2 cartoon of Alcohol, sanitizers, sanitary Pads, 1 big drum, buckets packaged bags with specific items that addresses the needs of women to 29 female inmates in prison, 30 packaged bags with specific needs of women to HVL Gender justice forum.

Giving hope to women in prison

During the donation at the Monrovia Central Prison, the Executive Directors of Her Voice Liberia and Sister Hand Liberia interacted with female inmates and encouraged them to keep the courage while in prison.

For her part, the Executive Director of Sister Hands Liberia, Miata Yeah Gray encouraged the women in prison that all is not lost there is still hope for them to have a new life.

The two organizations also made a donation of 36 buckets to Freetown, Virginia community. 

The organizations indicated that they hope the materials donated will be sued for the intended purpose.

Her Voice Liberia and Sister Hand recently launched a Legal Aid Mobile Clinic for women and children in Liberia to help protect the rights of women and children.