GOL commits $1.8m to enhance Community Health Services Supervisors (CHSS)


The Vice President of Liberia Chief Dr.Jewel Howard-Taylor has announced on behalf of the Government of Liberia that the amount will be provided to the Ministry of Health for this critical Health link.

According to VP Taylor, the CDC led government will continue to provide the needed support to these CHSS across the Country to provide better support for our Healthcare delivery system as they work to filling the gap.

Speaking on Friday-March 24, 2023 at the climax of the 3rd International Community Health Workers symposium at the Ellen Johnson Ministerial Complex in Congo Town, VP Taylor alluded strongly that health practitioners in Liberia have made significant impart, taking basic health services to far to reach areas across the country.

She said with the welcoming News from international Partners that the Government of Liberia under the watch of President Weah has improved Community Health services in Liberia, the government is prepared and committed to providing the necessary support to community Health Workers to make sure all Liberians have access to health care.

The Liberia’s vice president said with the commitment from the government to health practitioners, they should double their efforts in ensuring that citizens have sustainable health services.

she commended health workers for their dedicated role played in the fight against Mealses, COVID-19, malaria, and Malnutrition, amongst others.

Vice president Taylor called on international partners for their continuous support to the health sector of Liberia.

She also stressed the need for additional trainings for health care workers in the country. Noting, trainings is the best way to have proactive, robust and advance health system in any country.

Liberia hosted the 3rd Community Health Workers Symposium from March 20-24. The Symposium brought together 700 delegates from 46 countries.