DenG, Popular Liberian Musician, Accused of Sexual Assault by Young Women


Monrovia – Musulyn Myers, alias Sweetz, a popular Liberian female musician, met Daniel George, commonly called DenG in the United States with the thought that they could do a collaboration on a song, but it allegedly turned out for the worst.

By Bettie K. Johnson-Mbayo, [email protected]

Sweetz complained of how DenG tried to rape her but she was saved when he noticed that she was menstruating.

In an interview with FPA, she said DenG is seen as a brother so when he went to the US, she wanted to hold talks with him on several issues, including the entertainment industry back home.

She recalled that both of them had never had any consensual sexual discussion and was surprised that he attempted abusing her.

“He and I been cool. We’ve known each other for long. I took him as a big brother. It had been mutual and nothing else,” she explained.

Sweetz and DenG did a song together in 2016, but it was not released. The studio, from which they should have released their work, got burnt and both of them lost their work in the flames.

According to her, DenG went to Minnesota in the US to perform. She stated that when she met him, she asked: “How you came to Minnesota and you did not inform me? I want us to talk on several issues including how you can improve your music and also revisit the collaboration with me. He, in returns, apologized promising that when he is back, we will meet.”

Upon his return, she further narrated, he contacted her via messenger on the last day of his stay in Minnesota.

Sweetz said she objected to his abrupt message but tried finding a way to meet him since it was his last day. “It was not successful because no one was available to drive me to him.”

According to her she told him and immediately, he asked for her address and he came with a male friend to take her to his house.

She informed her mother that he was picking her up. “When he arrived, he sang for my ailing mother and also collected some food to take home.”

Just as they arrived at his place, he received another visitor and he left Sweetz upstairs to attend to the guest. Few minutes later, he told her that his visitor was one of her fans and was requesting a picture with both of them. 

According to her after the pictures, DenG asked her not to go back upstairs but to wait for him in a dark room.

“He told me I couldn’t wait in the radio station lobby. He took me to another area that was dark but he left the door open so I thought there was no light in the room.”

“I saw him as a brother and those kinds of negative things like sexual abuse did not click in my mind,” she narrated.

Sweetz alleged that when he came back downstairs as soon as he entered the room, he closed the door behind him and at that moment she started thinking to herself what was the reason but decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

She said it was not her first time being in a dark place with him.

According to her while she was on a long couch in the darkroom, DenG came and sat beside her and started expressing his intention of falling in love with her.

At some point during their talk, he began allegedly groping her thigh and rubbing her waist while expressing his love.

“I told him if you like someone that is not how you should express it.”

Sweetz furthered that the tussle intensified between them when he aimed for her private areas. 

“I was fighting to get off his lap where he had forced me to sit. He started holding my thighs down very tight. He managed to hook me to his lap. I was trying to get up but he kept holding me down. And the tussle lasted for about 30 minutes.

“I slipped from his lap, onto the couch. He turned over quickly and pinned me down.  At this point, he tried kissing me. When he could not get his way, he held my hands above my head and tried to take my shirt off,” she further explained her horrible ordeal.

“I locked my hands together to fight so my shirt would not come off. He then stuck my hands up on the couch while grabbing my breasts. I then decided to use my legs and I was kicking for his private areas but he dodged my kicks.”

“Then he said to me, ‘Oh Sweetz, you want hurt me?’ and then I told him, yes, if you don’t get the f*** off me I will do worse than that.”

At that moment, as she further told her ordeal, he tried showing seniority asking why she was acting stubborn and rude. “But he was not acting like an older brother,” she quipped. 

According to her, they were still tussling as they were talking. But at this moment, she has now grown tired and he had succeeded in removing her sneakers, taking her legs apart and removing her pantie.

She explained: “I just folded myself as a ball. He left me and pulled down his boxer and was about to put his penis in me. I was still determined that it won’t happen; so with all my strength, I folded myself like a ball.”

“He managed to pull my legs apart and tried to penetrate; the only thing that stopped him is that he saw the (sanitary pad)  kortex. While hauling the pantie down, I had my thighs squeezed together so the kortex didn’t stay in my pantie but it stayed between my legs,” she said.

Than he said, “‘Oh Sweetz you receiving you couldn’t tell me?’ so I told him but you and I got that one before I will be explaining to you, then I hissed my teeth.”

He rested for a while, woke up and turned the lights on. She was shocked from what she had just gone through and the lights coming on was a relief.

DenG’s manager was upstairs but according to her, she didn’t know what to do at the moment– whether to go and tell him or just get out of there as soon as she could. 

She was dropped back home by him and his manager. 

Sweetz hesitated to inform her manager back home in Monrovia. However, she later told her manager and her mother.

“My manager contacted him and asked him to apologize and if he doesn’t, legal actions would be taken against him,” she said.

“I tried pitying myself expressing how disappointed I was. I also requested an apology from him via messenger,” she explained the psychological effect of the horrible ordeal had on her.

According to her, almost everyone she told, none advised her to get to the media as such move will affect his career as a musician, some told her, ignoring what she had gone through.

Sweetz said the police was informed in the US but the responder told her that since there was no penetration, no charges can be brought on him but the allegation should be reported and put on file.

Sweetz’s Manager Response 

FPA contacted Lewiz McCarthy, Sweetz’s manager, to ascertain what she has said about DenG. McCarthy confirmed what his client had said, adding, this was the message he had sent to DenG: “Bro I am so disappointed in you. I just don’t know where to start. When a woman says ‘No’ it’s ‘No.’ Sweetz is like a sister and she believes in you as a fellow artist and brother. 

“What you did was disrespectful and not of a man at all. This should be the very first and the last. I demand an apology to her ASAP. Rape is a crime and your actions last night was stupid and shameful to say it is lie because I can’t imagine you doing such. But I respect her and believe in every word she said. I will not repeat myself. This will never happen under my watch and I am waiting for that apology from you in 12 hours or else i will take it up with you. You made me so shame brother. I am so disappointed in you.”

Other Rape Allegations 

Prior to Sweetz, another lady only identified as Munnah alias Mumu, went live on social media disclosing how DenG requested that she sits on his lap in the presence of her son.

She said she had gone to see him following a request from her sister who asked her to do a collabo (collaboration) with him. On her way to meet him, she took her son along.

Mumu said she reported DenG to her family. She disclosed that she did not do the collaboration with him again.

“He was scooping me up sexually and started to address me with his eyes so I tried not to allow my son to notice. At that moment, I was very uncomfortable,” she narrated her encounter.

However, there are pictures on social media of her sitting on DenG’s lap. She said the pictures were taken by her son who had escorted her. She captioned the pictures: “When collaboration goes wrong … DenG said pay up or no Collaboration now it [is] Touching inappropriately/ sexual harassment? I think he should be screaming inappropriate touching.” 

Following that incident, Mumu said DenG’s manager told her to pay US$3,000 for the collaboration something she said she chose not to do since she was sexually harassed. It is, however, not clear if the manager is aware of what DenG allegedly attempted to do. 

Kadie Dickey, a music promoter in the United States also did a live video of how DenG tried to grope her when they first met.

Ms. Dickey has been working with many Liberian artists including DenG, while she was in Liberia, most of his videos and music were promoted by her.

“I have no plans of bringing him down but he has to work on the offensive ways he touches women. We never had any sex talk until he touched me inappropriately.”

“He was rubbing his hand on my butt and I was pulling back. I was happy to see him because I had been promoting him so I spent US$50 to see him perform. He touched me inappropriately,” she said

She continued that DenG didn’t stop his advances but came in her inbox. “I told him you and I have no relationship talk.”

“Immediately, he blocked me; from that incident, I will believe any female who complains of him sexually harassing or abusing them.”

FrontPageAfrica contacted DenG via Facebook Messenger on January 23. He didn’t respond. Neither has he responded to a January 24 mobile phone call and SMS which were sent to him.