Liberia: Anti-June 7 Citizens Petition Supreme Court to Compel Justice Ministry Identify Venue for Pending Protest


Monrovia – A group of Liberians under the banner Citizens United to Sustain Peace and Democracy by and through the Center For The Protection of Human Rights has petitioned the Justice in Chamber, Associate Justice Joseph Nagbe to order the Ministry of Justice to identify the exact location the June 7 protesters will present their petition to the government.

Report by Augustine Tweh, [email protected]

According to the group’s “Petition for the Alternative Writ of Mandamus”, they claimed that the Ministry of Justice permitted the Council of Patriots to stage their protest without designating a specific venue where they will present their petition to the government.

A Mandamus is a writ issued by a Justice-in-Chamber of the full bench of the Supreme Court, compelling a lower court or a government official to perform a mandatory order purely ministerial duty correctly.

“Petitioners contend and say that co-respondent, Attorney-General failure to designate a specific venue where the government representative and co-respondent patriots will meet for the presentation of their petition will violate the rights of other citizens who will not protest,” the writ, which was filed on Tuesday at the Temple of Justice, states.

The petition adds: “Public security, public order, public health or morals or the right and freedom of others is the concern of every government all over the world, and this is done or implemented by the Justice Department or the Ministry of Justice which is headed by the Attorney-General, now co-respondent herein.”

The petition adds that the much-publicized protest has created fear in investors, teachers, health workers and parents throughout the country because there is no designated venue for the presentation of their (Council of Patriots) petition.

“Petitioners submit and say that it is the responsibility of the co-respondent – Attorney-General – who is the chairman of the Joint Security of the Republic of Liberia to safeguard public security, public order and freedom of others and that his failure to do so, Mandamus would lie against him,” the writ added.

The group contends that if there is no designated venue for the “Save the State June 7 protest”, their (Citizens United for Peace and Democracy) rights to freedom of movement as enshrined in Article 13 of the Liberian Constitution will be violated because streets will be blocked.

“Wherefore and in view of the foregoing, petitioners pray Court to designate a venue where the government and co-respondent, Council Of Patriots will meet to present their petition; preferably Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex or the Antoinette Tubman Stadium,” the petition added.