AFELL Worries over Enmity in Liberia


MONROVIA – The Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia (AFELL) says it is deeply concerned about the deepening enmity amongst citizens which is giving rise to deteriorating unstable ease in the country. The latest of which was the eruption of violence in Logan Town, Montserrado County between rivals of the just ended District #15 elections over the weekend. 

“This emerging trend of election-related violence in our country is very worrisome as it has the propensity to derail our hard-earned peace,” AFELL said in a release. 

AFELL added “The incident in Logan Town on Saturday, August 17, 2019 which led to personal injuries and property damage is regrettable. AFELL accordingly condemns in the strongest terms this wanton and unruly behavior of citizens. Of particular concern is the impact these kinds of violence have on the mental, economic and social wellbeing of women and children.”

“We demand an urgent and prompt investigation into the causes of the violence by the Ministry of Justice and also call on the National Elections Commission to intervene in this matter by conducting an investigation of this incident and holding those actors/parties accountable under the elections law of Liberia.  We say this because electoral violence is one of the greatest obstacles to democratic consolidation. It does not only affect the credibility of the electoral system, but also destroys the democratic system and the rule of law,” the organization further added.

The group reminded Liberians that elections are about the competitions of ideas and not a show of force. AFELL, therefore, calls upon all those concerned to exercise restraint and allow the electoral process as well as the rule of law to run its course. 

“We are always reminded of our immediate past and as a post conflict country, Liberia should avoid the looming triggers of conflict such as electoral violence. Finally, without being prejudicial, AFELL strongly condemns and will not tolerate any acts of violence, harassment and intimidation of any female candidate in elections now or hereafter. We call on all parties to exhibit a greater sense of maturity, respect and tolerance towards each other and we intend to remain seized of this matter to its finality,” the release concluded.