Prioritizing Agriculture: GBR-Liberia Sets Agriculture As Priority


Monrovia – The Global Business Roundtable (GBR) has launched its Liberia Chapter putting agriculture as area of priority to work effectively.

The Global Business Roundtable is a global Christian organization with its mandate to develop their members holistically will therefore focus on areas of growth and development and spiritual development; putting God first in all they do and never forgetting to love God with their entire being.

The GBR believes that people in Africa are living in poverty while millions of dollars are leaving the continent to Europe and other parts of the world.

The GBR has a membership of 80 countries, including Liberia and Sierra Leone that are just joining the group. At the formal launching of the Liberia Chapter and the induction of officials of GBR-Liberia, the National Secretary of GBR-Nigeria, Christian Nnoi said the success and failure of GBR-Liberia’s vision rested on the shoulders of the Liberia members and not only the leadership.

He said in the past decades, Africa had been used to generate millions in the name of providing aid to the African continent, saying, the continent had not benefited anything tangible in return only the construction of hand pumps and pit latrines, something he said Africans themselves could do.

He said GBR Liberia could engage government for the implementations of major projects in the country.

“As GBR members with are nongovernmental and non-profitable organization, but we can engage our sitting government to implement projects of priorities through the help of GBR global assistance,” he said.

The GBR-Global Business Roundtable was established on 21st August 2009. The National Secretary of GBR-Nigeria, Christian Nnoi said there was a reason for establishing The GBR-Global Business Roundtable in Africa, saying, “Africa is very keen to things that will happen in the future to come in the world. 

“God is preparing Africa for what will happen in the world. God has given us this vision and when we succeed in this vision, Africa can rule the world,” he continued.

Scores of Liberian and International business owners over the weekend gathered in Monrovia to launch the Liberia Chapter of the Global Business Roundtable International Network, a network of Christian believers with a global membership pool focusing on human development.

This year’s GBR event brought together a broad spectrum of national and international business actors and focused on business networking and partnership, building for sustainable economic development in Liberia.

Those inducted into the Liberia’s chapter of the GBR included  McDonald Wento, head of the Monrovia Chapter of the Global Business Roundtable Network along with Dr. Nathaniel Blama as Head of Secretariat.

Others inducted include former LPRC Managing Director T. Nelson Williams as Deputy Ambassador and Melee Kermue as Chairman on Trade and Investment.

Making remarks at the program the head of the Liberia’s chapter, McDonald Wento the chapter would make agriculture atop of its priorities, saying, in order for the country to be strong, Liberia must have food security.

“If we do not have food security we cannot go anywhere as a country,” he noted.

Wento said it was about time Liberia was a market to the outside world, and that the country was ready for business.

He noted that Liberians do not have the capacity to fund projects of US$10 million, the GBR Liberia would focus on projects below US$10 million to jump start it goal.

GBR-Global Business Roundtable is a faith-cantered and inspiring global business networking initiative, which was prompted by a deep desire to start a prayer meeting for people in business as well as to support for working professionals in their various fields. 

Wento said one of the challenges facing modern businesses and the private sectors globally was the fact that the current financial and economic systems and organizations did not include God in their businesses, stressing that only God could solve difficult problem of that sort.   

“We believe God will use organizations like the GBR- Global Business Roundtable to ensure that His people take over and control the economies of the world.”

This global business networking initiative has experienced the great move of God as they have seen an exponential growth that was not anticipated when The GBR- Global Business Roundtable began.