Pres. Sirleaf Worships With Paynesville Central SDA Church


Monrovia –  President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has lauded the Seventh Day Adventist Church for its contributions and partnership with government in the national development efforts of the country.

She expressed gratitude to the SDA Church for its many contributions to Liberia’s educational, health and other humanitarian services rendered the country.

According to an Executive Mansion release, the Liberian leader made the remarks on Saturday, April 30, 2016 at the Paynesville Central Seventh Day Adventist Church at the ELWA junction in Paynesville City where she attended the Church regular Worship Service.

President Sirleaf praised God Almighty for blessing his people in order to be able to meet in the Seventh Day Adventists Church.

President Sirleaf commended the leadership of the Seventh Day Adventist Church for inviting her to the Church Service. The Liberian leader said no matter where they are and on whatever day, their prayers to God is the same.

She said as Christians, coming together, we should be able to praise the goodness to God. President Sirleaf said she was thankful to God for the contribution of the SDA Church in Liberia for complementing the national development agenda.

President Sirleaf said she could still recall how members of the SDA Church came and joined other denominations of various Christian Churches in Liberia, making their contributions to the process.

“You have been able to fill most of those important gaps in our health and educational sectors,” President Sirleaf noted. “And so I am pleased, especially after embarking on the building of a University,” the President stressed.

She said SDA Church’s endeavor is meant to create opportunities for thousands of Liberian youths who are coming out of schools, without being able to acquire university education, something according to her, the Church is intending to address.

She told the worship service that the government will be there with them. President Sirleaf was presented a special gift (Book) entitled “The Great Controversy” by the District Pastor of SDA Church, Borbor D. Gibson as a sign of appreciation for her leadership.

Speaking earlier, the District Pastor of the SDA Church Borbor D. Gibson thanked President Sirleaf for her remarkable leadership and asked her intervention in securing the Church’s 100 arches of land that have been encroached upon and is presently in court.

He mentioned spoke about the Seventh Day Adventist Church desire to also build a modern hospital in Liberia. He said their sponsors and supporters around the world, including those in West Africa have assured them that they are prepared to build the university, which will be compared to some of the best universities based on quality. Pastor Gibson observed that the lingering land situation was cause for concern.

He extended an invitation to President Sirleaf to also visit the campus of the Seventh Day Adventist University to be built and proposed hospital.   

Pastor Borbor D. Gibson praised President Sirleaf, who as a mother always shows love for her children she is leading. He said President Sirleaf is leading a nation with diverse geo-political and social, cultural background, ranging from the Western Region to the North Central and Southeastern Region of Liberia.

He said it is the desire of the Seventh Day Adventist Church to see a transformed society from illiterate to literate society. As a result, he said their desire is to help transform Liberia from an illiterate to literate society and the construction of a university will help to achieve that.

Delivering the Sermon, Pastor Gemane G. Getteh, Director of Communications of the SDA Church spoke on the theme:

“A Call to Rebuild”, thanked President Sirleaf for the visit and said it is now time to rebuild especially a country like Liberia that suffered from war and other forms of challenges. He said like Nehemiah, who was a builder took affirmative action and resisted complaining and rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem.

Pastor Getteh noted as a leader when you refuse to build it is not the people suffer. “Madam President, you are a clear example of a good leader who has built and continues to build”, he said.

Speaking from the Book of Nehemiah 2: 17-18, Pastor Getteh admonished church leaders, young men, women, political leaders and businessmen to rise up and build like Nehemiah.

“Do not wait for government to do everything for you; get involved in community initiatives; is now time for businessmen and women to use their profit to help government” Pastor Getteh emphasized.