Liberians Weigh in on Cllr. Varney Sherman’s Imbroglio


Monrovia – On Monday, the Congo Town residence of Grand Cape County Senator was a scene of commotion as partisans of Unity Party sought to prevent to prevent the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission investigators from implementing a reported search and seizure and arrest warrant for Cllr. Sherman who is needed to be question by the Special Presidential Task Force, with the latest happening Liberians have been given their views on the saga. 

Ayoubah Swaray – The saga Tuesday is condemnable and all well-meaning Liberians should condemn the action of the ruling Unity Party Chairman and the partisan of the ruling Unity Party. Justice should not be on the issue of personality.

Regardless of your status in life, we should allow the law to take its course, this is a bad example for the younger generation—to see it resisting warrant from the court is ugly. I don’t see this thing as political.

If it is political, go to the Task Force and exonerate yourself. Were you not thinking it was going to be political when you were taking the money? The Unity Party is trying to ride on the sentiment of others.

Why is he afraid of the law?  The best thing for those that are accused to do is to submit to the committee. If you think the committee is proceeding wrong, take them to the Supreme Court.  

Samuel Zah – I will like to commend those comrades from the Unity Party who went at the premises of the Chairman house, not to obstruct Justice, but to protect the constitution. There are many people who have not understood the political ramification of what is unfolding.

Cllr. Varney Sherman is not saying he cannot submit himself before the law; all he is saying is that he will not subject himself to a Task Force. The only arbiter of Justice in this country is the Supreme Court.

How can you carry bunch of police to the Chairman’s house to issue the writ? Why can’t the President leave this investigation with institutions that have statutory responsibility to do so? LACC work is to fight corruption, not a Task Force set up by the President. What is the President’s motive behind this thing?

Romeo Johnson – For me, what happened yesterday by the Unity Party partisan obstructing Justice, it is wrong and must be condemned. Varney’s argument is that he cannot submit to an executive committee.

Cllr. Sherman is a senator—you cannot have the executive submitting the Legislature to a committee—he is a senator and he should be dealt with by his colleagues or the Judiciary. The issue of partisans going to his house to obstruct Justice is wrong and I cannot defend that.

My issue that I do not see it fit for lawmakers to subject themselves to committee constituted by the President. We’re hearing news that both houses are in a tight meeting for this precedent to not be set where the President will form a committee and member of the Legislature will be subjected to such a committee.

Leon Saydee – Yesterday was a sad day in the fight against corruption in Liberia. We, as citizens, should be supporting the Task Force to fight this corruption that killing our country, not be supporting people involved in corruption.

This Unity Party spoke against corruption and they say corruption will be public enemy number one and then their Chairman has been caught in corruption and they are refusing for their Chairman to go before the committee. Why Cllr. Sherman afraid to face the committee? This clearly shows that he’s guilty.

This corruption thing is eating up our country. I’m disappointed in the Unity Party Secretary General Wilmot Paye. We are watching this process. We, especially from the slum communities, are yearning for development in Liberia and this corruption stopping development from reaching us.