Liberia’s Culture Union President Urges Gov’t to Honor Tokay Tomah



Monrovia – The president of the Culture Union of Liberia, Mr. Kerkula Kamara, popularly known as Balawala Malawala, is calling on the Government of Liberia to give the late Liberian traditional musical idol, Tokay Tomah-Kaille a befitting burial.

The late musical idol, who only sang mostly traditional Liberian songs, is well known by her original name, Tokay Tomah. She was married to Mr. Emmanuel Kaille.

Speaking Wednesday on UNMIL Radio morning show, Coffee Break, the Liberia Culture Union president said the late Tokay Tomah served her country well by encouraging ex-combatants through her music to turn in their arms.

Kamara noted that looking at the role she played over the years in Liberia it will be hard to replace her. He added: “She will forever be remembered for her many contributions she made in bringing peace to Liberia.”

“Tokay Tomah was more involved in the promotion of the Liberian culture. When we look at her works during the early days especially during the disarmament when UNMIL came to Liberia, she was one of those artistes, who were used to carry peace messages to the ex-combatants for them to disarm.

We regret that she is dead; it is a good thing if this country she helped to bring peace to, can give her that honor by bringing her remains home and give her a befitting interment that she deserves, ” Mr. Kamara noted.

He at the same time called on the public and the relevant authority to do away from appreciating their artistes only when they are dead. He said in order to boost the musical industry in the country Liberians should start to love their own locally music and raise the standard of their artistes.

“Don’t only appreciate artistes when they are dead, give them their flowers when they are still alive.

We need to be supportive to ours artistes let them live on the fruits of their labor. Look at the late Quincy B, he came to be popular only when he died and during that period the whole country was standing out for him but what did he get from his hard labor? Nothing,” he asserted.

 Speaking further on the UN Mission in Liberia radio, Balawala Malawala, as he is commonly called, said the lack of support from the public towards the entertainment industry in Liberia is slowly killing the culture of the country.

He noted that due to the low support from the government more artistes leave the country for other countries where they can find life much better.

“There are lot of artistes that leave this country for other countries because of the low support they receive from our government,” he averred.

Report by Jackson F. Kanneh [email protected]/ 0770195412