Bad Road Hampers Garbage Management in Paynesville City


Monrovia – An investigation has revealed that bad road condition leading to the landfill site in Whein Town, Bernard’s Farm in Paynesville community has slowdown the work of the Paynesville City Corporation (PCC).

This has led to garbage almost taking over the city of Paynesville, something which could cause serious sanitation problem and health hazard if not settled promptly.

In a chat with a team of journalists on Friday, September 15, 2017, the Deputy Site Manager of landfill in Whein Town, Mr. Suluteh Horace disclosed that work at the site has become very slow due to the awful condition of the road that the dump trucks use to carrying on the dumping.

“This may cause problem for people within this environment, because there is no way for the trucks to move forward with the dirt,” said Mr. Horace.

According to him, as long as the rain continues, the road condition will continue to be deplorable thereby causing continue garbage problem to cities in Montserrado County with Paynesville being no exception.

Also speaking a community dweller, Annie Jackson, said, while it is true the PCC is working very assiduously, the garbage problem can’t be solved unless the road leading to the fill is fixed, so that sanitation would move in freely and quickly.

Several drivers of sanitation trucks have also expressed their own disappointment over the deplorable condition of the road.

One of the many drivers who is only identified as Musa, said in the soonest possible time, they will stop the collection of garbage from the streets if the road is not fixed.

“I think very soon we will stop carrying dirt until the dry season, because the road is too bad for the trucks to go in. sometime, when we carry our trucks for dumping it will take us whole day,” he added.

Paynesville is one of the fastest growing cities in Liberia in terms of population, commercial activities and infrastructural development.

But in recent time, garbage disposal has become a very serious problem facing the entire country; the Paynesville City Council is encountering hard time in term of waste management due to the poor road condition.

Even though the city has introduced several measure in collecting dirt, but the stockpiled of garbage at key centers including the densely populated Red Light community has raised concerns.

While it is true that dump trucks are visible collecting garbage all over to clean the streets and communities in order to enable people get better breathing space, do their trading in a clean environment, the end result has proven somewhat overly difficult as many trucks are finding it extremely hard to dump.