Catholic Church Missionary Calls For Independent Investigation Into Liberia Abuse Saga


The Editor,

I love the Catholic Church and have served the people of Liberia in good times and bad. I have no reason to communicate on this issue except to want the truth to be known. Without the truth, faithful Catholics in Liberia are unlikely to conquer this cancer of sex abuse.

I have been waiting for this abuse of power investigation, as reported by Fr. Gabriel Sawyer, to start. I have only witnessed an aggressive effort to suppress an investigation. I know the truth of this sad situation because of my first-hand experiences and because I have confirmed the sex abuse problems by speaking with multiple priests in Liberia. These priests not only confirmed what Fr. Sawyer communicated, they greatly expanded on it. After learning the truth, I was shocked because I have worked as a Catholic missionary in Liberia since 2003. Both Bishop Andrew Karnley and Archbishop Lewis Zeigler were members of a non-profit organization that I lead to help poor children go to school. Fr. Sawyer was Archbishop Zeigler’s representative. Fr. Sawyer did much to help the children in Liberia. Both Bishop Karnley and Archbishop Zeigler worked to sabotage our efforts helping children and assigned a key member of their network to replace Fr. Sawyer at Liberia Mission. We disassociated with both Archbishop Zeigler and Bishop Karnley upon confirming their horrible treatment of Fr. Sawyer and have been saddened to see other whistleblowers attacked. As a faithful Catholic, I reported the truth to Pope Francis but publicly remained silent until honest laypeople in Liberia started being persecuted. 

Priests in Liberia have all been ordered by the nuncio to not speak publicly. All Knights of Saint John know what I write is true as they too have been ordered to remain silent. We also are witnessing the retaliation against laypeople and faithful Catholics to not speak. Journalist Rhodoxon Fayiah explusion from the Knights of Saint John is one example. His “crime” was not just that he called for an investigation of Archbishop Lewis Zeigler and Bishop Andrew Karnley. Fayiah had to be expelled because he was in the seminary at the same time as Fr. Sawyer and knows what Fr. Sawyer communicated is true. If Fayiah was not expelled, the fear was other credible people would step forward. What Fayiah did, supporting an investigation, should be applauded. I offered to present evidence in his defense and my offer continues to be met with silence by the Executive Board of the Knights of Saint John.

As Attorney Ambrose Taplah observed in the Frontpage Africa June 10th article “Liberia: Police Monitor Allegations of Sexual Harassment and Power Abuse Within the Catholic Church,” holy men are being pushed out of the seminary and priesthood. This is because the secret war against the holy people of Liberia requires eliminating and silencing potential and active priests who are supporting what the Catholic Church has taught for over 2,000 years. The plan to transform Africa to accept Modernism, a heresy multiple popes warned is being advanced by Freemasons, is explained in the Infiltration book by Dr. Taylor Marshall. Infiltration will help people understand what is going on both in Rome and in Monrovia. This book explains that some of the highest-ranking members of the Catholic Church are secretly Freemasons who are intentionally trying to drive out the holy priests. To do this they abuse both men and women. While this sad story in Liberia has only focused on homosexual abuse, it has a heterosexual abuse dimension too. Please remember former Cardinal McCarrick was defrocked only after decades of sex abuse because priests and laypeople speaking the truth were not afraid to be persecuted. McCarrick was a member of the St. Gallen Modernist lodge and secret society membership is a red thread connecting Church princes who are sexual predators.

As more people step forward as part of an investigation, what I write will be better understood. The deeper story of what is going on and why Pope Francis is covering up for Archbishop Zeigler and Bishop Karnley is explained by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò and published on June 10th by The Washington Post online at,

Please note that the first request for help by Fr. Sawyer was not in August 2018 as this article reports, but in August of 2017. Other priests had reported the sex abuse problems to Pope Francis before Fr. Sawyer (a fact that Fr. Sawyer did not know when he wrote his August 15, 2018 testimony). 

Bishop Borwah knows the truth and this is why he has not made a statement that is not true (i.e., at no time has Bishop Borwah ever said that Fr. Sawyer has lied). Bishop Borwah has a great responsibility to speak but I understand he has been ordered to say nothing by Pope Francis. 

The Catholic Church is essential for our salvation. Please do not let the sex abuse problems in the Catholic Church mislead you to leave the protection of the Church established by Jesus Christ. The majority of priests in Liberia are holy men doing great work. The men doing great evil are infiltrators serving Satan for the purpose of trying to destroy the Catholic Church. Yes, an investigation is needed so that the men abusing their positions of power can be stripped of their faculties. 

We need to pray the Holy Rosary for the Pope and all the priests to break free of the diabolical disorientation convincing them that silencing the truth is the path to restore the beauty of holiness to our Church.

God bless everyone

I encourage other people with first-hand information to contact FrontPage Africa and the police to combat sex abuse in Liberia.

David J. Dionisi

[email protected]