A Mail To ‘Gbekugbeh’ – Tell President George Weah To STOP bragging

Many who shared my view feel that there are no redlines left for terrorists to cross. This is a psychological war and succumbing to the strategies would give the enemies superior hand. Let stand up with one voice and call to win this war!

The Editor,

I will publish a 3-page intriguing and insightful analysis on Monday titled “From Coastal Highway To Community Low-way – A Promised Betrayed”. But before full publication, READ and SHARE this synopsis.

President George M Weah is bragging about paving a few substandard community roads in Monrovia and its environs. He spent 2 working days just to inspect ongoing community road projects. Wow

Comparatively, President Weah has not even done 3% of what his predecessor did in terms of building roads and bridges. The facts can never lie. Here is a brief research I have done. 

A) Major Roads and Bridges Negotiated for, Constructed, Rehabilitated and Paved by ex-President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: 

1) 249km Monrovia (Red Light) – Gbarnga-Ganta-Guinea Boarder Road – US$250m 

2) 76km Fish Town – Harper Road – US$108m

3) 80.8km Cotton Tree – Buchanan Highway Road – US$33.7m 

4) 13.2km Freeport – Red Light Road (Somalia Drive) – US$95m

5) Gbarnga – Salayea – Konia Road (Lofa Highway) – US$40.5m

6) 67km Ganta – Yekepa Road – US$40m

7) Ganta – Zwedru – Harper Road – US$225m

8) 5.36km Neezoe – Parker Paint Road – US$5.4m 

9) 93.1 miles of feeder Roads in Bong County – US$2.8m

10) ELWA – Coca Cola Factory Road Expansion – US$11m 

11) 63km Vahun Road in Lofa – US$5m

12) 2.8km GSA – Rehab Road – US$3m 

13)  Jallah Town Road – US$1.5m 

14)  Tubman Boulevard and Roads in Central Monrovia and Sinkor – US$48.3m 

15) 370km feeder roads in Southeastern Liberia – US$21m

16)  24.5km Klay to DC Clarke Road to Bomi County and 51km of community roads in Monrovia and its environs – US$59.6m 

17) 56.80km Totota-Piata Road and 22.3km Gboyea-Kankalanata Road – US$886,199.00

18) 86km Robertsfield – Monrovia Highway Pavement

19) Caldwell Road Pavement

20) 5.63km SKD Boulevard Road 

21) 1.5 miles Matadi Road 

22) Jamaica Road 

23) SD Cooper – Coca Cola Factory Road 

24) Badnersville – Dixville Road 

25) Police Academy Road 

26) Marshall Road 

27) Duport – Weaver Street Road 

28) Gobachop Market Road 

29) Momboe Town Road 

30) Belle Yallah Road in Gbarpolu Co.

31) Barclayville – Pleebo Highway

32) 300km of Roads in 7 districts in Nimba Co. 

B) Major Bridges built by EJS 

1) The New Zolu Duma Bridge (Vai Town Bridge) – US$16m  

2) Jacob Samuel Milton Bridge (Caldwell Bridge) – US$8.2m 

3) Robert Stockton Creek Bridge (Jamaica Road) – Part of US$57m first phase Somalia Drive Road

As usual, my Facebook inbox got flooded on Friday with videos and pictures from ceremonies of President George M. Weah inspecting a few community roads in Monrovia. I guess CDCians and pro-Weah fanatics will leave my inbox after reading this. Tell President Weah to STOP bragging. He isn’t even 3% there yet.

But Monday, I will publish a power-packed analysis and provide more details, including authentic sources, of over 60 major roads including bridges built by ex-President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. President Weah is yet too far. The construction of a few “pro-poor community roads” must not be political. STOP it, GMW. Even his signature project (Doe Community Road) which is just 2.7km (1.5 miles) costs less than US$2m.  

Beyond this end, I thought they promised “Coastal Highway”? It is sad to be bragging about “Community Low-way” after 2 years in power. Caution GMW to separate politics from road construction. Tell President Weah to STOP bragging. He isn’t there yet. He has not even started crawling. I see all of you on Monday. 

Wishing all of you a blissful weekend. I really miss Liberia. But will be back soon. 

Martin K. N. Kollie

[email protected]