Liberia: Woman with Tumor in the Eye Pleads for Help


Monrovia – Twenty-eight-year Alicia Senneh is no more selling cook bowl (local, low-level restaurant) to send her children to school due to an eye tumor.

For five years, Alicia abandoned her business in search of a cure for her eye but till date no avail.

She said six medical facilities have been visited but the story remains the same, “We don’t have a cure for the eye,” doctors at those six facilities reportedly told her.

Alicia named the Ganta United Methodist Hospital, Jackson F. Doe Memorial Hospital in Tappita and the John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Monrovia as some of the health centers she had visited and doctors there reportedly told her that they could not help her eye get well.

As she spoke with this newspaper, she constantly rubbed her swollen eye and tears kept rolling down her cheek from it.

She narrated that her eye developed the condition when she was pregnant for her third child.

“The pregnancy was growing as the eye was growing until I gave birth, but the eye is still the same,” she said.

She stated that at that time, the eye didn’t hurt and itch as it is treating her now.

Alicia currently relies on pain reliever and sleeping medication to calm the pains in the eye.

“This eye gives me a hard time; only pain tablet and sleeping medicine can help. In the day it can be alright but at night I can’t sleep well.” 

She stated that through the pains at night, she only finds time to sleep when she soaks a small towel cold and place it on top of the eye and with the help of the sleeping pills, she can fall asleep.

Being a poor woman, Alicia has no money to foot her medical bill abroad or even locally and is appealing to philanthropists to come to her aid.

“Since I got the illness only my brother and mother can help me. I am asking for help to cure me. I have to raise my children.

“My children are no more in school. I used to sell now I am not selling again and their (children’s) father is not helping.

“This is why I am begging for help from any kind-hearted individual and humanitarian organizations to please help me save my eye. I am suffering too much,” she said sadly.

Anybody wanting to help can please contact her brother Alvin Senneh on +231778814970.