Liberia: Confirmed – Former Vice President Admitted at ELWA Hospital


MONROVIA – Former Vice President Joseph Boakai, 78, has been admitted at the ELWA Hospital since Sunday, FrontPageAfrica has gathered. He is, however, expected to be discharged on Sunday, one of his aides has said.

By Lennart Dodoo, [email protected]

While FrontPageAfrica has not been able to independently verify what illness took the presidential aspirant to the hospital, sources within the Unity Party say he suffered stroke on Sunday and was rushed to the ELWA Hospital where he had been undergoing treatment and medical observation.

The Unity Party standard bearer has often been criticized for being too frail to contest the election. He has on multiple occasions denied having any medical condition that may hinder his performance if elected President.

In an interview with VOA’s James Butty in 2021, Amb. Boakai said, I’m very, very well. I took my Covid-19 vaccination and I’m doing well. I’m discharging my daily responsibility; I go on my farm, come to my office on a daily basis”.

“I know the state of my health, I am very, very well. I can assume the presidency because I haven’t been to any hospital in the last two years”.

The former vice president, when asked whether he would make his health record public ahead of the 2023 presidential elections, Boakai added: “If it’s the requirement of becoming a president of Liberia then I can do that, but I think it’s not a requirement. My doctors know my status of my health; they will tell me whether it’s necessary or not. All I can tell you is that I am healthy”.

Asked about “being too old” to contest the presidency replied: “I can’t change my age and I thank God I am as old as I am. Age is about wisdom”.