Long Standing Land Dispute Between Two Clans in Nimba Leads to Bloody Gun Battle


Monrovia – FrontPage Africa has gathered that residents of Gayea and Gblor Clans in Tappita District, Nimba County are involved in a fierce gunfight over a forested land.

A reporter from the community radio, Voice of Tappita, speaking to FrontPage Africa from Dialah, the headquarters of Gblor Clan said the shooting started on Tuesday and has led to casualties from both sides.

He said it is happening between the boundary towns: Bai (in Gayea) and Gboutuo (Glor).

There have been brewing tensions between the people of Gayea clan (Krahn dominated) and Gblor (Gio dominated) both in Nimba County Electoral District #6 as a result of a long standing land dispute.

Officials and residents of both clans are calling for the intervention of the Central Government to stop the situation from degenerating into an all out tribal conflict.

This news is breaking. Details to follow.