Liberia Women Forum Extends Covid-19 Vaccination Awareness to Nimba, Bong and Margibi Counties


GANTA, Nimba County – The Liberia Women Forum (LWF), a local non-governmental organization aimed at protecting the rights of women, has extended its COVID-19 campaign sensitization in Margibi, Bong and Nimba counties.

By Edwin G.  Genoway Jr., [email protected]

The LWF recently launched a sensitization and awareness campaign in Liberia, encouraging pregnant women, baby mothers, old people, and the youth community to take the vaccination.

The campaign kicked off in two of Liberia’s fifteen counties, where a team of foot-soldiers from the LWF began the campaign in Grand Bassa and Margibi Counties respectively.

The team, however, continued its campaign in central and northern Liberia by visiting towns in Nimba and Bong counties respectively.

On Friday, August 5, 2022, the team started its campaign in Kakata, Margibi County before moving into Bong and Nimba counties.

LWF team headed by Miss Caroline Gartey visited several towns in Bong county and two towns in Nimba County, sensitizing residents in those towns about the COVID-19 vaccination.

Towns like Gboata, Kollila, SKT, Suakoko and Gbatalla in Bong County while the town of Kpain and Ganta were visited by Gartey and her team educating and sensitizing the public about COVID-19 vaccination.

During the sensitization campaign, Miss Gharty encouraged residents of the towns in the two counties to take the vaccine and that the vaccine is safe.

“COVID-19 is still around the world and all of you know how people died during the Ebola crisis that’s why the WHO and other partners have introduced the vaccine to helps fight the virus,” she told a crowd of villagers in Gboati in Bong county.

She urged people in the villages to report any individual showing signs and symptoms of COVID-19.

For her part, the President of the Liberia Women Forum, Madam Kadi Porte said her organization will continue reaching out in the counties to educate people.

“People in the rural areas are venerable to many diseases and we need to continue the campaign for those hard to reach communities in the counties are properly educated and be safe,” Kadi noted.

She, however, called  on donor partners for their support and funding of the program.

“Once we are funded we can move in more counties to educate our people, my team is moving in counties but cannot go into all of the counties because the lack of funding,” she disclosed.