Liberia: Two Dead, Two Fighting to Live on In Fatal Car Crash in Monrovia


Monrovia – Adamah Sillah and her friend Adeline Freeman are currently hospitalized and fighting for their lives following a very tragic motor accident. They survived, but two of their other friends met their untimely deaths.

The Liberia National Police (LNP) is yet to establish what led to the tragic accident in Congotown early Wednesday, June 17, involving two cars.

Police Spokesman Moses Carter via Facebook messenger Wednesday evening told FrontPageAfrica that they were still investigating the accident to establish the cause.

“We are yet to establish the cause of the accident, but what I can tell you is that the two cars involved came from the opposite directions. Both drivers are dead; two of the survivors are in critical conditions and undergoing treatment at the JFK. We are yet to get their parents and loved ones for further information,” Carter said.

Police Spokesman Carter informed FPA that there was one instant death on the spot and the other person who died, was pronounced dead early Wednesday morning. He named the two victims as Prince Kromah and Bene Davies.

Carter said the two surviving females, are currently hospitalized and taking treatment but in a critical condition.

He further told FrontPageAfrica that apart from the two ladies, who are in critical conditions, eight other persons, who, too, were involved in the accident, are undergoing treatment also.

According to him, police investigators are working with people, who claimed they were on the scene when the accident occurred.

“We are working with individuals who witnessed the accident to help us with the investigation. The police is doing all it can to reach out to family members of the victims,” he said.

It is reported that authorities at the John F. Kennedy Medical Hospital first rejected the accident victims on grounds that there were no beds. It is also alleged that the St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital also rejected them citing the same lack of beds. After unsuccessfully attempting at another health facility, they were forced to be brought back to JFK and they were finally taken in.

While the police are still trying to find out the identities of the two females, who are critically injured, FrontPageAfrica can identify them as Adeline Freeman and Adamah Sillah.   

Facebook is being flooded with messages of sympathy, including prayers for the healing hands of God to save the lives of the two survivors.

Some of the comments on Facebook.

Koijee Junior wrote: “I’m with you in prayer! Please try and come out because we can’t lose you Adamah Sillah, prayers for Adamah Sillah”.

Abraham Malema Ezzeddine wrote: “Adamah Sillah, I’m a testimony of what God can do. He did it for me in May 2014; He can surely do the same for you. Let us all keep the faith and remain prayerful.”

“Adamah I know you to be a great fighter pls stay strong and don’t give up now.”

Lelai Bendu Yekelorde: “Remember you and I got lot of plans for all the years I started knowing you. I haven’t seen you given up so easily. Lord they are 2 who survived from the accident but are now in a critical condition please prove yourself once and for all wherever she have gone against you, please forgive her, please give her this last chance to testify. Adamah, we are all praying for you, stay strong and fight.”

Boakai Amara Kamara: “This Life, we can’t ask God why, just yesterday we were together on Miami Beach having fun and making jokes, now you are no more around big brother. Sad.”

FrontPageAfrica has gathered that one of the dead persons, Prince Kromah, is a former disc joker and an employee of Orange Liberia while the other, Bene Davis is the daughter of veteran Liberian broadcaster Sameltha Carter, who once worked at Capitol FM.

It is reported that Prince Kromah was earlier seen at the famous Exodus Entertainment Center on Carey Street where he was noticed offering his friends drinks before he headed towards Congotown, where he met his untimely death.

This is the second tragic accident in the last two months to occur at the very spot where the accident occurred in Congotown.

The first accident in the last two months involved a truck and a taxi, there no survivor in the taxi, an eyewitness told FrontPageAfrica.