Liberia: Senator Dillon Flips Again, Takes US$15k Check He Said He Would Reject


MONROVIA – Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon has reportedly received the second half of the US$30,000 for legislative projects, FrontPageAfrica (FPA) has gathered from impeccable sources within the Senate.

This goes contrary to his recent stance on the matter wherein he said that he’ll ensure that the money is returned to the government’s coffers.

Senator Dillon did not respond to WhatsApp messages inquiring whether he received the money and if so, why did he take it and what it would be used for.

He also did not answer or return telephone calls placed to him.

However, a top-notch source in the Senate confirmed to FPA that Senator Dillon did receive the money.

Why Did He Take It?

What remains unclear is why Senator Dillon has not disclosed to the public that he has received the second payment in accordance with his promise that he would make every money received at the Senate public.

When the Senator came under condemnation for receiving the first half the money, he called a press conference in which he said, “This money is not personal benefits for lawmakers, it is not added to our personal benefits. It is budgeted for. The budget item has not been given for the past three years, this is the first time it’s being provided. This is the first time it’s being announced for the public to know about it – that is not the justification for doing wrong if it is wrong.

“I like the fact that the barrage condemnation is being thrown at me, it tells me that the country is looking up to us with hope that it will use us as a compass for integrity in the public service. Now that it has angered the public, we can now go back on the drawing board to do it better.”

When the second payment was disclosed that Senator Emmanuel Nuquay like he did the first, Senator Dillon clarified that he was unaware of the second payment. He told Legislative reporters that he would reject the money and ensure that it is returned to government’s coffers.

He said, “I have not seen or have not been told about the availability of any balance of US$15k since I returned. When said amount reaches my office, I will send it back to government coffers for use in the fight against Covid-19.”

However, Senator Edwin M. Snowe of Bomi County corroborated earlier information received by FrontPageAfrica over the weekend on Spoon Talk when he disclosed that all Senators except for Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence of Grand Bassa County had received their check of US$15,000.

He said, “I think we all need to, as representatives or senators, to be frank in some of our approaches because sometimes when it gets too political, you can’t blame the minister [of health] for her action.”

“The second payment of the US$30k, Some Senators came out and said we wouldn’t take it, but as I speak to you today, with the exception of Senator Kangar-Lawrence, every Senator in the House of Senate has received the US$15k.”

Senator Snowe emphasized: “The Senate record reflects that every Senator with the exception of Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence has received the money. Some of us went personally and signed, some of them sent their chief of staff and everyone has received this money. No Senator other than Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence will tell you they have not received this money.”