Liberia: Senate Pro-Tempore Predicts Next Liberian President, Vice President Will Come from the Senate


MONROVIA – Senate Pro-Tempore Albert Chie has predicted that the next President and Vice President after President George Weah will come from the Senate. He warned that people wanting to become President or Vice President of Liberia should take interest in running for the Senate.

He used U.S. President Joe Biden and his Vice Kamal Harris as examples. According to him, these two people served their countries in the Senate. Drawing it to the Liberian Society, he named President George Weah and Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor as to former Senators who have passed through the Senate.

“If you want to be leader of this country, I suggest you come here first. You see the U.S., Joe Biden and Kamala Harris served the Senate. You see President George Weah and Jewel they both served in the Senate and after their two terms in 2029, this Senate despite our various political orientations we will be prepared and will recommend to the Liberian people a president and vice-presidential candidate.

“The people who will be elected we will not take Weah down, Weah will turnover peacefully.”

In response to the calls for a review of the elections law he said, the judiciary committee has started working on the elections law. He cautioned newly inducted Senators not to “listened to the noise” of the Monrovia market but to build relationship with their people. “The Monrovia noise is for television.”

Pro-Tempore Albert Chie is the administrative head of the 54th Legislature and is a ranking member of the ruling CDC of George Weah. He represents Grand Kru County in the Senate.