Liberia: Ruling CDC Recalls All Govt Officials from Campaign Team


Monrovia – The Chairman of the Coalition for Democratic Change, Mulbah K. Morlu, has rescinded the nominations of all those covered by the relevant provisions of the code of conduct, but were recently appointed to the campaign committees of the party.

The decision, which was taken with the full acquiescence of the Party’s Governing Council , is intended to sustain the rule-of-law culture in the country as Liberia moves closer to another watershed electoral period. 

The Party Chairman said he recognizes that in order to consolidate the democratic gains the country has made over the years, there must be strict adherence to Liberia’s body of laws. He admonished other parties too, including those in the opposition, to continue to abide by the elections guidelines.

While assuring the general public of the party’s commitment to do all in its powers to ensure a peaceful electoral process – bearing in mind that everyone has co-responsibility to maintain the peace the country enjoys – the chairman said his decision doesn’t bar any Liberian from freely associating with the party’s political activities as guaranteed by the constitution of the Republic.

At the same time, the Chairman disclosed that a meeting of the National Executive Committee of the Coalition for Democratic Change, which was held recently in Monrovia, has concluded a list of party faithfuls who will be appointed shortly to complete the formation of the campaign committee.

Meanwhile, the leadership of the Coalition for Democratic Change has announced the holding of a major press conference today, 29th October 2020 at 4pm at the party’s National Headquarters in Congo Town.