Liberia: Monrovia City Mayor Calls on Citizens to Take Ownership of Ensuring A Clean Capital at All Times


MONROVIA – The Mayor of the City of Monrovia Jefferson Koijee says despite the frantic efforts being made Citizens’ Engagement Board headed by the Director General of the General Service Agency Mary Broh, the full participation of every resident of Monrovia is pivotal in making Liberia’s capital city clean and green.

On October 21, 2021, Monrovia City Mayor constituted what he termed as Citizens’ Engagement Board. Mayor Koijee named 14 Liberians and made Madam Broh the Chairperson of the Board and Culture Ambassador Amb Juli Endee as Co-chairperson.

The Citizens’ Engagement Board work began November 1, 2021 and will end work on January 7, 2022. The board is now working with the City Government of Monrovia in preparing for the year-end holidays and the impending 2022 Bicentennial Commemoration.

The Director General of the General Service Agency Madam Broh and her team over the past weeks have been demolishing makeshift structures, including shutting down some businesses that are not in compliance of the city ordinances.

In a radio talk-show after his short stay outside the country, the Monrovia City Mayor said the Citizens’ Engagement Board can do all what it can but once the people in Monrovia do not take ownership of the initiative the effort of the Citizens’ Engagement Board will not be successful.

“Cleaning up the city of Monrovia is a way of life. It is a daily activity because waste is being produced every second,” Mayor Koijee said.

According to the Monrovia City chief, the city government of Monrovia is interested in sensitizing people on how to control their waste.

“People need to start seeing the cleaning of the city in a different prospective,” he said.

Mayor Koijee added: “We must focus on our mindset. That is, to have this place clean is not a particular group of people or an individual who bears a title as City Mayor.”

“Obviously the City Mayor will be leading the fight. We as a people must participate and develop a culture of decency. We as a people must be extremely sensitive that littering the streets is purely not acceptable for our environment,” he said.

According to Mayor Koijee, Citizens’ Engagement Board can do all what it can to have the place clean; the same place that gets clean gets littered residents of Monrovia in no time.

“That is why you see when we clean the place you will come to realize that everywhere that was cleaned come back to zero,” Mayor Koijee said.