Liberia: Maryland County Police Detachment Commander Jacob Comehn under Investigation for Mercilessly Beating a Female Officer


MONROVIA – Police Commander Jacob Comehn of Maryland County Police Detachment is undergoing investigation at the Police headquarters in Monrovia for mercilessly assaulting a female police officer, Sergeant Rebecca Nimley, leaving her face with severe bruises.

Explaining her ordeal to FrontPageAfrica, she said she had returned from the Liberia-Ivory Coast border on patrol when she met her landlord at in the cell at the police depot.

This was April 2 when the police in the county were carrying out arrests of those suspected of carrying out violence in the county after the murder of a mysterious motorcyclist.

She said her landlord had only boxers on – no shirt and trouser – therefore, she decided to inquire why he was behind bars.

She said, she inquiring, Commander Comehn in an angry tone asked her to stop talking to him and not to tamper with the investigation.

“I told him he’s my landlord so I needed to know what was happening so that I can inform his family. I cannot be at the depot and see my landlord and act like I don’t know him,” she said.

She continued: “While was talking to the man, he started shouting ‘Get your *ass from there.’ So, I told him that I will not get *ss from there. He started to insult me, I told him if he insults me, I’ll insult him back, because he is always insulting and abusing people.”

She said, Commander Comehn began to rush to her angrily but he was held by another PSU officer, but he shoved the officer off and then pounced on her and gave her several blows and slaps in her face. She said, she has been asked to do an X-ray the Jackson F. Doe Hospital in Tappita, Nimba County, but has not been able to do it due to lack of finance.

Sergeant Rebecca said she sustained a cut under her eye, and several bruises on her face. She also lost a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, her motorbike key and US$710.

She said after investigation in the county, Commander Comehn was charged with aggravated assault, domestic violence and disorderly conduct.

However, she said both she and Comehn were informed that the Inspector General of Police Patrick Sudue asked them to travel to Monrovia for investigation since the officers who carried out the investigation in Maryland County are subordinates of Officer Comehn.

She has not been able to come to Monrovia for the investigation due to financial constraints.

When contacted for comments, Officer Comehn said he has been instructed not to talk to the press.