Liberia: Henry Costa’s Roots FM Claims ‘Sabotage by ‘Unknown Gun Men’

The cut ground cable

MONROVIA – Owner of Roots FM, Henry Costa, says his radio station could not come on on Thursday, January 31, 2018 because of a vicious attack meted on the station.

Report by Lennart Dodoo, [email protected]

He told FrontPage Africa that at 3 am on Thursday morning some men wearing hood had gone to the facility where his station’s transmitter is housed and introduced themselves as inspectors after banging the gate.

According to Costa, technicians usually visited the facility from to time to time to carry out maintenance work on the transmitter.

“They opened the gate and let them in; they came in and immediately pulled out their guns – the three of them, they pulled out their guns on the two watchmen who were unarmed and they began asking them ‘Where is Costa’s broadcast equipment?’.

He explained that they realized that the watchmen truly did not have the key to the building housing the equipment, they went at the back of it where they cut the ground cable using a cutlass.

This, he said, caused a power surge in the transmitter and blew up the power supply in the transmitter. 

Costa is widely known to be vocal and uncompromising during his popular talk show – The Costa Show. He is known for his tough stance against mishaps in government and society at large.

There has been series of condemnation pouring in on social media from friends, sympathizers and followers of the Costa Show since he announced the attack on the station.

Darius Dillon, a ranking executive of the opposition Liberty Party lamented, “Reports of attacks on the facility of Roots FM 102.7 last night by “unknown armed men” is disturbing and scaring. The truism of this issue must be brought to light so as to allay the growing concerns and heightening fear of attacks against the media and free speech. I hereby call upon the appropriate security Agencies of Government to expeditiously investigate this grave allegation and speedily bring the perpetrators (if any) to justice.”

Martin N. Kollie, a student activist also posted to Facebook, “We are standing with ROOTS FM of Henry P. Costa. Press Freedom is a RIGHT. Costa has done nothing wrong. MASS PROTEST is a MUST.”

“Everyone should join hands together in condemning the senseless attack on Roots FM. It could be you tomorrow!” said Othello Yeanay.