Liberia: Alexander Cummings Expresses Confidence of Winning CPP’s Primary For 2023


MONROVIA – The outgoing Chairman of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings, has expressed optimism of becoming the presidential candidate of the CPP in the 2023 general and presidential elections in Liberia, but vowed to live with the outcome of the decision that will be made by the delegates if he is not elected at the party’s primary.

The CPP is a political alliance which comprises of four opposition political parties including: the former ruling Unity party (UP), Alternative National Congress (ANC), Liberty Party (LP), and the All Liberian Party (ALP).

Mr. Cummings is expected to turn over the Chairmanship of the CPP to the political leader of the LP, Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, of Grand Bassa County at the end of this January.

He disclosed that despite his ambition to become Liberia’s next President, the actualization of his aspiration rest in the hands of Liberians, beginning with the selection of a CPP’s candidate in the framework document signed by leaders of the opposition political party.

He made these assertions when he appeared as guest on the OK Morning Rush Show on OK FM 99.5 in Monrovia on Monday, January 11.

“I do aspire to lead our country, but I have to make the case to the Liberian people. That decision is going to be the decision of the Liberian people and it starts from the CPP. There is a selection process and we will go through that process and the outcome of that process will deliver a candidate that we will put in for the Liberian people. Some of my other colleagues have similar aspiration-that’s their right”.

He vowed to present a case to partisans of the CPP and the Liberian people at large to ultimately decide his candidacy for the Liberian presidency.

When quizzed why he would do if he is not successful in the CPP primary, Mr. Cummings stated: “I believe that we will do the work so that we can be successful”.

“If the process is followed per the CPP agreement, I think ultimately we will be successful in that process. We will live with the outcome of the decision (if rejected by the delegates)”.

Mr. Cummings maintained that despite the outcome of the pending CPP primary for the presidency, he remains committed to Liberia and its citizens.

We will stay together

Earlier on, Mr. Cummings expressed the hope that the four Collaborating Political Parties will “stay together” ahead of the 2023 general and presidential election.

He noted that though there is no guarantee in life, he remains convicted that leaders of the various political parties and Liberians want the party to be successful in the future.

“I believe that we will stay together; I think it is in our interest to do so. All of our leaders in the collaboration want us to be successful together. The Liberian people want us to be successful together. So, for all these reasons, I am confident that it will work and I can say to the Liberian people that we will work very hard”.

“We have given in a lot to make the CPP works and so, we are committed to this collaboration. I believe that it will work because all of my colleagues are certainly committed to the CPP”.

On just ended senatorial election

Mr. Cummings attributed the success of the CPP in the just ended senatorial election across the country to collaboration and cooperation among the political parties that make up the CPP.

He noted that despite the success of the alliance in the result election, more need to be done, especially at the level of the National Legislature on behalf of the Liberian people.

He pointed out that the CPP now needs to proffer legislations to improve the country’s health, education, energy, business and other sectors.

“There are few things we need to do to further consolidate our gains in the past elections. The CPP and the opposition political parties did very well but, the Liberian people want us to deliver on their behalf. So, we need to make sure that we have a legislative agenda; work with the newly elected senators and the CPP Senators that are already there. We need to reengage our Representatives. We have to start to propose legislations on behalf of the Liberian people. And we are going to work on that”.

Expanding the CPP

Mr. Cummings further underscored the need for the CPP to form a merger with other opposition political parties ahead of 2023.

“We need to expand the CPP for more alliance and other parties to come in. I will be recommending that to my colleagues. I think expanding the CPP is a good idea, but we have to deliver for the Liberian people”.

The CPP Strongholds

He claimed that Montserrado County is now the stronghold of the CPP.

The county was previously the stronghold of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), one of the political parties that make up the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

The two remaining parties of the governing CDC are: the Liberian People’s Democratic Party (LPDP), and the former ruling National Patriotic Party (NPP).

Mr. Cummings added that since 2017, opposition political parties have accumulated more votes in the most populous county in Liberia.

He named Maryland and Nimba as other strongholds of the CPP even though candidates of the party were not declared winners in the just ended senatorial elections in the two counties.

Mr. Cummings stated that the latest defeat of the CPP in Maryland clearly shows that more work needs to be done in the county and south-eastern Liberia at large.

He added that though it is important to acquire geographic based constituents across the country, the CPP is working towards acquiring what he termed as a “broad-based constituents” in the country.

CPP’s vision

Mr. Cummings expressed the hope that under a CPP presidency, Liberians and international partners will once again restore confidence in Liberia.

According to him, competent people will be appointed or accorded the opportunities to serve in a CPP led-government.

“A CPP led government will make sure that the economy is growing; we are creating jobs for our people and will work on all of the areas there are challenges-infrastructure, education and health. Liberians will see progress in those areas”.

“The CPP government will set the right examples; will follow the rules. The CPP government will have integrity-will not be corrupt or steal the Liberian people money; will invest in the welfare of the Liberian people”.


Mr. Cummings claimed that the living conditions of vast majority of Liberians are worse off than the past three years.

He added that this cannot be the case of the CPP led-government, adding that, “under a CPP led government, Liberians will feel the difference”.

He said civil servants will be paid regularly under the CPP government, and not “sporadically” as being done under the George Weah led-government.

Mr. Cummings maintained that good governance will be restored, while integrity will be seen in anti-graft institutions operating in the country.

He stated that the CPP will need to ensure that confidence is restored in the Economic Management Team and Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) and direct limited resources to the private sector to guarantee foreign-direct investment opportunities.

“When you are restoring confidence, you can attract foreign investors who will come in our country. But we also need to focus on how we can grow revenues. We have to look at our concessions, revenues. We will spend a lot of time on how can we grow the economy and the national budget”.