Tutumatu: Another Educative Traditional Liberian Movie Released


MONROVIA – A famous traditional Liberian movie, Tutumatu that featured talented Liberians who showcased their artistic talents in an educative and amusing fashion, has been released to help uphold Liberia’s traditional values.

This classical film highlights the traumatic and difficult marital decision Garpu faces as  a young and well -known villager, after participating in a colorful traditional graduation and later taking Yodeh as a spouse. 

Tutumatu, a traditional Liberian movie that is eye-catching, brings you the spectacular displays of extraordinary Liberian actors and actresses, whose performances are remarkable in reducing viewers’ stress and creating excitement.

However, Garpu who is one of the lead actors in this movie(Tutumatu), marital vow turned sad and  heartbreaking ,when Yodeh was chosen by him as a wife.

Even Though, the Holy Bible honors marriage and considers it has obtained favor from God, but Garpu’s entire life became sorrowful and worrisome, after Yodeh surfaced as his lover.  

Meanwhile, Tutumatu, the god of revelation, according to the traditional Liberian movie  is expected to be launched on November 8, 2020 at the Ministerial Complex in Congo Town, Montserrado County.

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