Togar Howard’s New Song “Liberian Girl” Out Now


High energy, make you want to move songs have become expected from Togar Howard. His newest release “Liberian Girl” is no exception.

When asked his inspiration for this song, Howard could only extol how this song was inspired by the internal and external beauty of Liberian women.

“I’ve been around Liberian girls/women most of my life. [They are] one of the best sets of females you can find in the world. Once they start to love you, they love you with all their heart, mind, body and soul.

They are my inspiration for this song. It is one of my ways to appreciate who they are.” Togar Howard. This song is sure to be another worldwide hit for Togar Howard, but especially with the Liberian ladies.

Born to entertain, Togar Howard hit the soundwaves with a burst of musical energy. Gifted with natural talent, it took no time for audiences to take notice of Howard. His uptempo songs find listeners of all ages moving to the music from simple toe tapping and head bobbing to full fledged dancing. Howard has received numerous nominations and and awards in his young career. Howard is currently working on his sophomore CD.