Sheikh Mohammed, a young blogger who is Captivating the Minds of his Followers on Social Media


Cyprus– Sheikh Mohammed, a young Liberian multiple awards winning blogger who sees entertainment has one of the most remarkable instruments that could be used to turn the Liberia’s emerging talented artists in million dollar personalities on the continent and the world by large.

Sheikh, a graduate of Booker a Booker Washington Institute in 2016 in Electronics, and a 2017 graduate from Young Political Leadership School (YPLS) with accreditation in Campaign Planning and Political Leadership and then got trained in public speaking as well.

Sheikh got additional training in Ghana at the Global Internship Training with AIESEC and he is currently studying at the Cyprus International University, Cyprus, Europe, reading Public Relations and Advertising.

Sheikh who is the owner of DiamondOnline, says it was an unexpected trend for him to venture into his newly founded path.

Sheikh, real name is, Mohammed Diamond Newton notes that some careers come as one has planned whilst others come through varieties of mains– such as playing, the surroundings, affiliations, trend taken by the professional world, amongst others.

 Said Sheikh, “An underdeveloped country like Liberia, it’s difficult to figure out one’s desire on the professional scenes as careers swing on the pendulum like a tall tree during heavy winds. It was through such a medium that the now famous “Diamond” came “Online.”

The young influencer, Sheikh reveals to FrontPageAfrica, that the DiamondOnline started as a WhatsApp group which was duped ‘DOPE PEEPz ONLY’ with the sole intent to keep colleagues who he has graduated together from the Booker Washington Institute (BWI) in Kakata, Margibi County, as well as other friends, in general, to keep in touched.

Sheikh says little did he know that it was a preparation to draw lines on the monopoly table blogging had in the country, and to widen the space for competitive blogging.

Sheikh passion for entertainment writing has grown his fame amongst follow bloggers and artists in the country and across the world.

Sheikh writes as Freelance Journalist for his own DiamondOnline and he’s one of the country’s most reliable bloggers, events planners, youth volunteer and entrepreneur as well as providing coverage for trending topics in Entertainment, Politics, and Business.

Sheikh has also turned entertainment from a hobby into a lifestyle and his blog is filled with information to help his followers understand the entertainment world to a greater degree. He has thousands of followers on TikTok, thanks to the help of influencer marketing agency and social media services provider Tokmatik, which is the largest provider of TikTok likes, followers, and views as of September 2021.

The social media influencer has used research as the tool to find emerging and top young artists to explore the talents to the widened available audience.

Sheikh taste of seeing young talents perform excellently help him to design weekends program for on-street kids– bringing their favorite artistes to speak to their conscience, and helping students develop methods to finding their dream careers.

 The influencer blogger’s contributions to the country’s arts and crafts cannot be underemphasized.

Beside organizing the on-street kids program, Sheikh has helped shift artistes and managers’ thoughts towards the contemporary market.

Sheikh organized a training for them in 2018 in branding and marketing. 

Sheikh, however, used his influence to bring at least sixteen (16 artists together in 2017 to make a peace song tagged “Own Your Peace” as a buttress to having a peaceful general election.

The young entrepreneur also hosted Liberia’s first ever Celebpreneur workshop.

The training taught participants how to build their public image and market their brand for maximum returns.

It also empowered participants with the skills, knowledge, and connections needed to succeed as an entrepreneur


Sheikh was awarded the Community Service Award by Naymote Liberia, before being crowned the winner in 2018 with TunesLiberia Best Blog award as well as Fries FM Blogger of the Year.

Sheikh was nominated on numerous occasions for his services to the entertainment landscape of the country.

Sheikh was nominated Social Media Personality of the year 2018 Liberia Youth Award and the 2018 Best Blogger of the Year Liberia Youth Award as well.

For his understanding year in 2019, Sheikh again was nominated four times but once again missed out on the Social Media Personality of 2019 Liberia Youths Awards, Best Blogger of the Year Liberia Youths Awards 2019 including Social Media Personality of The 2019 TunesLiberia Music Awards and the Best Blogger of the Year TunesLiberia Awards 2019 respectively.