Ingrates Within The Liberian Entertainment Industry


SA-Man, Liberian singer based in china urges Liberian artist not to be satisfied with the Music business by working outside the box and add value to their career.

He acknowledges artist to add extra educational values to their music  in other to make impact for the younger generation. He said artist needs to have that special place in their lives to discover something tangible that can help develop their status and family. He senses out that the Liberian environment is not helping to improve the livelihood of artist, so by stepping outside by learning something that will add value to their music game, in order to leave legacy.

In his recent efforts, S-Man features chinese star from IGreat colloboration called Kieth Chen as they rock track called Number 1, as the video can now be watched on youtube.

The untold stories of many young ptential are yet to be discovered and will be told via the right medium and as we highlight the untold stories and stardom of this great personality please relax your muscles and build your intellect with this captivating story about this Liberian Celebrity.

Meet Samuel Siafa Taylor a Liberian celebrity commonly known as “S-Man.” He is a Liberian born unto the union of two native Liberian Parents on June 1, 1978 at Capital bypass in Monrovia, Liberia. S-Man paternal origin is from Grand Cape Mount County and his maternal origin is from Bomi County respectively. He has had an irrevocable passion for music coming up as a child, as such passion grew when he took refuge into exile due to the Liberian Civil Crisis. While in the Ivory Coast at the age of 12, he became part and member of Malawala International established and sponsored by King George M. Weah, now president of the Republic of Liberia, and that was in 1997 where he developed great dexterity in music, art and culture.

In his struggling unfriendly environment in the Ivory Coast at that age, the terror and agony of his life remained uncompromising to the day to day challenges, nevertheless, that did not misfortune S-Man dream and aspiration for his innate passion. While in the midst of these eye horrors, he remains focused and determined and began to educate other children and Liberian youth who, with the optimism, would become great in the same field as well.

He worked with numerous institutions, local, national and international organizations especially in the areas of training children and youth to develop their potentiality. Amongst them are but not limited to the following institutions:

  1.  International Humanitarian Organization [War Child-Canada], in Ghana,
  2. Alberta University in Canada with an extension program in Accra, Ghana where he was a part of a project song titled: “Giving Voice to the Hope”

institutionalize the dream that he started from the outset into an entertainment industry called the “S-Man Entertainment International” that is working presently with the Chinese Government Team Park known as “HAPPY VALLEY” in the city of Beijing , HONG KONG PENGXI Entertainment International in the city of SHENZHEN and Many others companies as well that are involved into entertainment. This organization was established since 2013 in Beijing, China and then later gained its incorporation with the Liberian Government on April 28, 2016.

Since the establishment of the S-Man Entertainment International, the industry has made countless achievements over the last years, putting out couple of Hit Albums with songs that continue to adorn the Liberian market taste. Amongst those are but not limited to his debut album “Jealousy”-where he featured some Ghanaian Hit artists [Shata Wally and SK Original], under a Liberian Company based in Ghana called “Temela K-Production.

S-Man was nominated for the Liberia Music Awards in 2014 as the best Afro Pop Artist of the year, during the time of his lunching, he was the only Liberian artist who paid his fellow Liberian artists with the amount of one thousand plus United States Dollars to perform on his program, amongst them were; David Mell, Takun J, and NaseMan, while on the contrary, the Liberian artists have never afforded such amount when hosting shows with foreign artists like Timaya coming to Liberia which they  received a sum like 150.00 USD, which is and has always been an insult to the Music Industry, Liberia. This is one reasons that he decided to help his fellow Liberian Artists; The Entertainment has worked immensely and maintained its international and national contacts and relationships with companies and partners around the world especially in China and through it, a travel opportunity was given to many Some Liberian stage performers [artists] to China to have some international exposure of which some of them are still on such tour as mentioned.

Upon his return to his home country-Liberia, as noted earlier that the Entertainment is not just focused about Music but also skill training, arts and culture as well as empowering people into agriculture, soap making, Television and Radio Presentations, Camera Shooting and Promoting of Local Artists, and heavily involved into humanitarian assistance especially in Bong County-Liberia.

Below are some of the achievement photographs of the timeline of activities that the entertainment has been doing over the years:

With conviction and optimism, and as a CEO [Chief Executive Officer] of the S-Man Entertainment, Ihe decided to give this succinct exposé about the S-Man Entertainment International as a gateway for the clear picture and understanding about the nature and fundamentals of the Entertainment.

Regarding this, he has also had some challenges over the period of time especially working with people


which have disrespected S-Man platform and agenda in working with some Liberian stage performers. Though people are from diverse socio-cultural and ethnical background with different upbringing and growth experiences that which cannot be divorced from our day to day interactions with the people around us, giving opportunity to some Liberian artists of which some did not value and make use of and their failure to synchronize the running of society and how its fabric works S-Man Entertainment want to let the public know more about what we do, we give opportunities for our outside exposure travel to the people Republic of China for wish some Liberian artists  already benefiting from, tell now. But because of ingratitude and been an ingrate and so cowardly, that’s why some Liberian artists are not, or will never achieve. Many promotional Entertainments and Industries are faced with such disarranged conduct of some of Liberian artists and one best witness is the Liberia Music Awards founded and headed by Kaifa  Yamah commonly known as KY, and this has caused many Liberian artists to be nonprogressive and not elevated today.

S-Man has been quietude[DS1]  and he thinks it is about time to make this known to his numerous fans and the Liberian people in and around the world, he’s not in conflict with any one and he owes no one an apology for what he said here, caused it’s the reality, but as he said it, it’s just for the sake of clarity.