Liberia: Weah Administration Supporters’ Attack on US Ambassador Spells Doom


U.S. AMBASSADOR Michael McCarthy knew exactly what he meant when he reminded financial institutions and individuals transacting business with past and current officials of government sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury Department.

AMB. MCCARTHY did not mince his words when he said, “I think it’s important to draw our attention back to the Treasury Department’s statement, specifically its notification that persons that engage in certain transactions with these sanctioned individuals “may themselves be exposed to sanctions or subject to an enforcement action.”

By Editorial Board

THE OVERALL objective of the sanctions imposed by the United States is to safeguard our democracy which is often arm-twisted by those entrusted with power and also to protect our nation’s meager resources.

AMB. MCCARTHY put it even better when he said the sanctions imposed are not prosecutorial, rather, the United States feels that it has the “right and obligation” to stop people from abusing democracy and engaging into acts of corruption.

HE NOTED THAT the US government has strong evidence which shows that the sanctioned officials committed the acts that they were accused of, but it is left with the government and people of Liberia to follow processes to prosecute them.

“We don’t want them in America spending stolen money and if it’s there, we’re going to freeze it. But it’s not so much about prosecution; that’s up to processes in Liberia. Am I disappointed that nothing is going to happen to Varney Sherman or Prince Johnson? That’s really up to the Liberian people to decide.”

UNFORTUNATELY, while we are being looked at to see what further action we may take as citizens to further root out corruption, some Liberians have taken to the airwaves to condemn the Ambassador and terming him as an anti-government official.

WHAT IS EVEN more frivolous about these calls is that they’re only being made on FM stations known to be owned by operatives of the government. One can easily deduce that the government, instead of having a sober reflection and committing to fighting corruption and enhancing democracy, rather prefers to channel its energy and resources to fighting the Ambassador.

THIS SCHEME employed by the operatives of the government would rather wear off the remaining pieces of confidence that could still be reposed in the government and the Liberian people by the international community, including the United States government.

WE EXPECT the supporters of the government to rather hold their officials’ feet to the fire when it comes to ensuring a sustained fight against corruption and strengthening the rule of law.

IF THIS COUNTRY will ever rise from the taters of poverty which mainly results from bad governance and corruption, it would require the Liberian people to take more decisive decisions on our leaders.