Liberia: Is It About An Ambassador’s Image Or The Reported Abused Seven-Year-Old’s Welfare? Our Disappointment & Plea To President Weah


WE ARE NOW convinced that a Liberian Diplomat’s claim of the government’s insensitivity towards his alleged sexually abused seven years old daughter is true.

THE MINISTER Counselor for Press and Public Affairs at the Liberian Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria has been taking to the media over allegations of his seven years old being sexually abused by two teenagers of a fellow diplomat and that the child’s welfare continues to be ignored by the Embassy, guardians and parents of the perpetrators and the Liberian Government.

IT’S EXACTLY a week now since the Diplomat publically came out with what is now an embarrassing disclosure, making several other media appearances including talk-shows where he has been appealing for the President’s personal intervention in catering to his ailing seven years old daughter’s welfare whose health he said has been deteriorating in recent weeks in the aftermath of the alleged sexual abuse that occurred on the premises of the Liberian Embassy.

ONE WEEK ON, instead of an official intervention, all we have seen is a Press Statement from the Liberian Embassy in Abuja which further validates the Diplomat’s claims of neglect for his abused daughter.

THAT AMBASSADOR Al-Hassan Conteh would be more concerned about “his hard-earned and reputable character” being impugned rather than addressing the issue of the reported neglect of his junior diplomat’s seven years old daughter’s mental and physical health is a big disappointment. 

THE STATEMENT which only became released after the Embassy’s Minister Counselor for Press and Public Affairs brought it to light further eight months after justifies the diplomat’s claims of the Ambassador protecting the perpetrators instead of the victim.

THAT THE AMBASSADOR is more concerned about “libelous utterances and cunningly crafted shenanigans” against his character than the issue of neglect and no regard for the abused child is even more disappointing for our ambassador whose principal responsibility should be catering to the welfare of Liberians in Nigeria and other accredited countries he presides over.

SIMILARLY, we are disappointed that one week after the Diplomat brought this to public light the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is yet to officially comment.

TO BE IGNORING the Diplomat’s accusation of a Foreign Ministry cahoots of helping to protect only the image of the Ambassador and the Mission he heads is insensitivity to another level that keeps validating the hurting Diplomat’s claims.

FINALLY, we join the Diplomat in calling particularly President George Weah’s personal intervention of the reported abused child’s welfare while the matter is in court. Already, such news report which has trended so much over the past one week is one that is bad image for our country’s international reputation.