Liberia: Amb. Joseph Boakai Must Take Time Off Politics to Fully Recover before the Rigor of Elections Starts


POLITICS ASIDE, the nation was concerned about the health of former Vice President Joseph Boakai and was at the same time appalled by the manner and form in which both the Unity Party and the ruling CDC politicized his health.

HAVING BEEN admitted at the ELWA Hospital for three days (at the time), the Unity Party Secretary-General disclosed in a press statement that the former vice president checked himself in at the hospital for “minor fever” and that he was going to be discharged the following day.

IT, HOWEVER, turned out to be that the former vice president would rather stay a week in the hospital before his release, thereby, making it clear that the Unity Party Secretary General had deceived the public.

WE WERE ALSO appalled by the video of an interview conducted with Amb. Boakai in an effort to convince the public and critics that Amb. Boakai had fully recovered and was not in a dire condition as speculated in the public. As a matter of fact, the video, judging from the appearance of the former Vice President, made matters worse.

WE UNDERSTAND the pressure on the UP to present Amb. Boakai fit – both mentally and physically as election is 10 months down the line. But we must, above all, be conversant of the fact that there is no substitute for good health. Therefore, the Unity Party and the Boakai family must not toy with the health of the 78-year-old who has immensely contributed his service to the country already.

MR. BOAKAI must also muster the courage to be true to himself on the issue of his health. While we acknowledge the hundreds of thousands of Liberians who look up to him for hope in redeeming Liberia, he must also recognize that he cannot achieve anything meaningful if he were to be elected President if he is not in good health. He must realize that he might not even be able to run an exuberant campaign if he is not in good health.

THIS IS WHY we are calling on the Unity Party to allow Amb. Boakai take some time off politics to allow himself fully recover and adequately prepare himself for the rigors of the presidential election which is just a couple of months away. This would not only be in his own interest and the interest of the party, but also in the interest of Liberians who are looking forward a Liberia under his leadership.