JFK Hospital Muteness on Excesses Amid Glaring Facts Worrisome


FOR THE LAST one month or more, there has been startling revelations about what many are describing as a death trap at the largest medical facility in Liberia, the John F. Kennedy medical center where a former employee of the entity has been releasing documents including videos, pictures and other tangible pieces of evidence detailing the level neglect of patients by doctors and other workers of the hospital.

A FORMER EMPLOYEE of the hospital Daylue Goah released photographs and video footage of how a 13-year old boy-Shaki Kamara shot by security forces during a quarantine of the West Point Community that turned chaotic was left abandoned when he was rushed to the hospital.

PHOTOGRAPHS SHOWED the injured boy lying on the floor in front of a door at the hospital as he bled profusely with no medical worker attending to him. The boy later died after losing blood for a long period.

SINCE THE REVELATIONS some victims of similar situation at the hospital have been coming out narrating their ordeals about the level of neglect by doctors and nurses at the JFK.

THERE IS GROWING distrust amongst the citizenry about going to the JFK for medical attention as some lawmakers and ordinary Liberians are now describing the hospital as a death trap.

IN ANOTHER INSTANCE, a regulatory body the Liberia Medical and Dental Council (LMDC) investigated complaint from a lawmaker Edward Forh over the death of his daughter who was rushed to the hospital for treatment but also allowed to die without receiving treatment.

THE MEDICAL COUNCIL investigated and found the JFK hospital along with doctors and nurses liable for the death of Nakita Forh, daughter of the Montserrado County lawmaker.

IN ITS INVESTIGATIVE report, the LMDC indicated that the JFK has failed in some instances to implement recommendations from the council and the hospital was ignoring mandates from the council such as payment of fines imposed for unprofessional conduct of doctors and nurses at the hospital.

EVEN AMID THE glaring pieces of evidence and an investigative report conducted by a credible regulatory body, the LDMC, there is still inaction from President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

LIKE THE CASE OF OTHER entities of government where when such reports come public, the President normally takes action, either suspending officials of that entity or mandating the General Auditing commission to conduct an audit, the Liberian leader remains mute on the unfolding events at JFK.

WHEN IT WAS THE alleged mismanagement of the Japanese Grant at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs even with audit of the expenditure yet to be completed President Sirleaf dismissed Thomas Kador and mandated the GAC to conduct full audit.

FORMER AUDITOR GENERAL ROBERT Kilby was also dismissed for conflict of interest and President Sirleaf had acted quickly enough at several entities of government whenever there are reports of mismanagement but the muteness on the JFK situation which has to with human lives is raising eyebrows that the folks at the hospital are getting preferential treatment from the Liberian leader.

FOR PRESIDENT SIRLEAF TO BE taking actions when issues of mismanagement are raised and remaining mute on the JFK saga that has to do with the lives of thousands of Liberians is a huge slap in the face of the Liberian people.

ISSUES RELATING TO HEALTH are so essential and should not be taken lightly as the effect of the deadly Ebola virus can tell how devastating it can be when health institutions fail to provide the required services to the population.

WHEN A POOR BOY FROM a slum community is allowed to die in severe pain, it is a sign that something is wrong and needs urgent attention. The daughter of a lawmaker dying right at a medical facility that should instead help to save lives is another big reason to act swiftly.

BY NOW PRESIDENT Sirleaf should have mandated a probe into all the allegations at the JFK rather than remaining mute on the issue, something she does not normally do with other institutions.

THE ALREADY POOR healthcare delivery system is further being torn apart when the biggest hospital is not living to the expectations of the people.

IT IS TIME FOR PRESIDENT Sirleaf to act instead of remaining mute which is an indication of sanctioning the cruelty at the JFK.