A New Year, A New Opportunity to Do Things Differently


THIS YEAR is a crucial year for every Liberian. While we may have our personal resolutions, if these resolutions do not align with our hopes and aspirations for Liberia, we as a country might find ourselves in a regrettable situation for the next six years.

LIBERIANS will have the opportunity to elect district representatives nationwide, elect senators and also either retain President George Weah or remove him from office through the ballots.

THESE PENDING decisions to be made by Liberians later in October this year will charter the course of the country’s development drive, economic growth, and democracy. Therefore, 2023 is a year of sober reflections and decisive actions that are to make Liberia better.

WE LOOK forward to us and our fellow colleagues in the media to put above all things the plights of the masses and the development of the country, especially in the midst of all the political rhetoric that we anticipate. This means the media must exercise true independence.

NEWSPAPERS, talk shows, blogs, and other news sources must not be platforms for political actors to market themselves, but rather the platform on which the national development agenda – the achievements and the lapses – can be discussed.

WE LOOK forward to politicians contesting various elective posts being grilled by journalists and talk show hosts so as to ascertain the feasibility and sincerity of their campaign promises. For far too long, Liberians have been deceived by political rants.

HOW LONG will the media continue to give their platforms to persons whose interests are to harness their personal political ambitions, propagate propaganda and defend reckless actions of their paymasters?

AT THE NEWSSTANDS, they have dominated major headlines on the front pages of the print media and they have taken the centre stage of the broadcast media (TV/Radio) discussions. In addition to this, they are the topic for discussions in new media.

ARE WE NOT BORED of these politicians who justify wrongdoings in such an appalling manner where they believe their only defence is to juxtapose their mistakes to that of their opponents and say, “our mess is better than that of opponents”.

WE LOOK FORWARD not to yet another popularity contest during these political times, but rather sound exchange and critique of ideas on how the daunting challenges that the country is currently faced with can be solved by those seeking to be given the opportunity to govern. Manifestos must be scrutinized.

WE LOOK FORWARD to citizens being more concerned about the candidates’ ability to properly lead or govern rather than what they can get from the candidates during these political times. Citizens/voters must search for solutions in the aspirants.

THE FUTURE OF LIBERIA rests on the future of every Liberia this year, our New Year’s resolution must take into consideration where we want this country to go.