US Congressman Nathan Biah Presents Citation of Recognition to “Friends of Massachusetts” for Hard Work and Dedication to Service


The Friends of Massachusetts an organization base in the United States has received special recognition from the Rhode Island House of Representatives for its selfless and devoted work to their local community.

Presenting the citation to the group on-behalf of the House of Representatives on October 16, 2022, Congressman Nathan W. Biah congratulated the group for their commitment in conducting themselves in a more respectable manner.

Representative Biah, on-behalf of the entire membership of the Rhode Island parliament, extended best wishes to the group and expressed hope that they will continue in good fortune.

Meanwhile, receiving the citation on –behalf of FOMA Mr. Prince Woods a Liberian, and president of the organization, thank the Rhode Island House of Representatives for such a rewarding recognition something he says, the group will not easily forget.

Woods who was inducted along with several other co-workers on the same day, thank not only the US congressman for attending the occasion but used the time to appreciate his colleagues for the confidence repose in him.

The Liberian humanitarian in his acceptance speech says, his election as president of the “Friends of Massachusetts” is not something he sees lightly, as he promised to represent the group in its best interest. “My main goal this year is to encourage the membership to make a difference” Woods notes.

He revealed how his administration will undertake several initiatives to assist both the young and elderly people.

Woods explained how elderly immigrants in Worcester community, Massachusetts, are confronted with many challenges to include: maintaining their independence, economic security, active relations with their friends and families, and reaping the benefits of the American immigration among several other issues.

He said with these enormous challenges the old folks are face with, special efforts must be made to serve them something he says, his leadership is committed to doing. 

FOMA newly inducted president notes; that under his leadership, the organization will assist the elders in communicating with them and ensuring that they have equitable access to governmental programs and services.

He named the offering of free programs and services to elderly immigrants, helping them navigate the complex system of public benefits and long term care programs as other major initiatives and programs his leadership will focus towards.

Prince Woods says his team free program and services will focus on health screening and health education, assisting to navigate health and safety benefits, citizenship and other immigration benefits preparation, including English instruction as well as, elder abuse and neglected identification and intervention, disease awareness, combating depression and other projects.

Meanwhile, the FOMA boss has promised few days from now, to engage elderly immigrates, refugee and undocumented immigrate communities to discuss issues regarding services for elderly immigrates, research issues in specific ethnic populations, conduct surveys among providers of services, and have recurring conversations with major funders, officials and other aging network stakeholders.

Woods has at the same time mentioned his focus on engaging the young people to desist from violent behavior. “We will play the primary role in assisting to prevent youth violence, juvenile delinquency and criminal victimization of juvenile” FOMA boss asserts

He continue that the Friends of Massachusetts can successfully assist in changing local conditions to help youth become law abiding, and productive immigrants and citizens; a fight he says will require the inclusion of all community members; including business leaders, media representatives, teachers, parents and grandparents, young people, policy makers, clergymen, elected officials and law enforcement.

“Everyone of us are responsible for the health and well-being of children, when all members of the community work together to achieve common goals, everyone benefits from the strength of a working partnership” Woods notes

The group through its President believes with the medium and small scale community mobilization efforts, they can be successful and effective.  FOMA boss challenge his team members to step-up and ask themselves what kind of change do they want in for the group and what are they bringing to the table?

He concluded by encouraging those inducted along with him not to ignore the confidence of their fellow colleagues noting, how they must utilize the opportunity to serve. The induction ceremony which took place on October 19, 2022, brought together several Africans with dominate Liberians base in the US.

Those elected and inducted into office include: Mr. Prince Woods-President, Mr. Emmanuel B. Ndebeh vice president, Mr. Aloysius Hinneh Secretary General, Mr. Francis Artey, Financial secretary, Tom J.O.B Knowry, financial secretary, Mrs. Tawa Woods assisting secretary and Mr. Thomas Nyenswah chaplain among others.

All those elected according to the organization`s by-laws, will serve for two years beginning October 2022 to October 2024

The program brought together permanent sons and daughters of Massachusetts, including Bishop Richard Saydee,  Rhode island representative Nathan Biah, and Liberia’s former public works minister Samuel Koffi Woods. 

During the ceremony, Mr. Woods used the time to present deserving awards to several other persons including, Mr. Patrick Bashed a Doyen of Massachusetts for what he described as their tireless services to the group and community at large.