Liberian Gets Legendary Award in United States


PHILADELPHIA, PA. – A Liberian journalist has received a lift-time legacy award from the Chief Tuazama Award Foundation in the United States of America for his extraordinary leadership service to the community and humanity across the US.

Held Friday, June 17, 2022, in the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Mr. Stephen Binda, joined ranks with global scholars, technicians, health experts, community organizers, business owners, and diplomats at a well-attended event where he was ushered into an order of life-changing ambassadors in the United States.

Presenting the award to Binda, the Chief Executive Officer of the Tuazama Legacy Award, Mr. Owen Kanwen Johnson Tuazama, described Mr. Binda as an ambassador of global excellence, and one whose leadership abilities remain indelible among Liberians in the state of Pennsylvania and remain enviable among young people.

He named his service to his country through his journalistic skills, and community service to Liberians in Pennsylvania; where he serves as Secretary-General, Liberian Association of Pennsylvania (LAP-INC). Mr. Tuazama also mentioned Binda’s continuous humanitarian assistance to thousands of Liberians in West Africa through his foundation- The Binda Foundation, as well as his tireless efforts in uniting Liberians across the state following years of dispute, a few qualities that propelled the foundation’s decision.

“Mr. Binda is not only a global ambassador of excellence but a professional and one whose work and character remain enviable and admired among all Liberians,” Mr. Tuazama said. “ For years, Mr. Binda has led efforts alongside others to unite his community following years of dispute among community leaders. Today, through his work and others, our community is on its way to a united and inclusive election this year. For this, we take pride in awarding him for  work and service in our community and beyond.”

For his part, Binda applauded the foundation for the award and described it as unexpected and shocking. “I’m completely out of words,” Binda said. “For me and my family, we don’t take this lightly. For years, we’ve dedicated our life not just to serve people and country, but also helping people grow and achieve their God’s given potentials.” Binda added.

With this award, I pledge to continue to serve my country and people in whatever way I can. He then called on Liberians in the United States to lift others citing that it remains men’s biggest legacy. “Lifting others and helping our community should be everyone’s goal as Liberians in PA and around the world,” Binda added. He then dedicated his award to all Liberians across the state of Pennsylvania, citing them as strength of service.

“Servicing the largest Liberian population in the United States (24,000 Liberians across PA State), the responsibilities and challenges remain enormous. For this, I present this award and recognition to ALL Liberians across Pennsylvania and beyond. You’ve made this possible!! Without you, I’m nothing-GOD first.”  He pledged his family foundation support towards helping people in Africa aimed at lifting them from hunger and poverty.