Opposition Party Youth League Identifies With Margibi Flood Victims


Dolo Town, Margibi County – The Youth League of the opposition Congress for Democratic Change has identified with recent victims of flood by carrying out a cleaning Up campaign as a means in lower Margibi County specifically Joe Blow Town and Dolo’s Town.

As part of it community service engagement, the Youth league of the CDC conducted a vigorous clean up exercise that affected the two towns highly hit by the recent flood that left many homeless.

On Saturday July 9 and Sunday, 10, 2016, the Youth league led by Jefferson T. Koijee gave the people of Joe Blow Town and Dolo’s Town something to smile about after a devastating flood disaster.

Speaking to victims, the Chairman of the Youth League Koijee lamented how deeply the CDC is in sympathy with their condition and had gone to help in bringing sanitation to their town through Cleaning-Up campaign.

The Youth League Chairman noted that scores of young partisans from both Margibi and Montserrado counties volunteered to help open the drainages, clean the affected areas and provide other forms of community services noting that the Congress for Democratic change and its political leader Amb. George M. Weah deeply sympathizes with their conditions.

He further said that the CDC is committed to providing the needed service for the people of Liberia and will always be there for the ordinary citizens; most especially the downtrodden in difficult times like this. 

Koijee said the CDC is the first political party to take on such initiative, stating that the mighty Congress for Democratic Change always lead and others follow. He Koijee lamented that this is just the beginning of the many engagements through Community service initiatives of the CDC.

This exercise was lauded by many citizens who turned out to join the group of partisans who have gone to do a cleaning up of remains left by the flood and help open the drainage system.

Elder Massaquio of Dolo’s town said they were very happy to see the CDC in the town during these difficult times for the people of Dolo’s Town.

He said that” the people of Dolo’s Town highly appreciates the effort of the CDC for the humanitarian services provided them during their two days of stay. The Elder said the people of Dolo’s Town and Margibi County will forever remember this unique intervention.

He said this is the first of its kind for a political party to identify with them in such a manner, noting that this is a clear indication that the CDC cares for their well-being and situations that threaten their survival. 

Elder Massaquio who was flanked by other eminent citizens of the town labeled praises on the Youth League and said that they have always supported the CDC and Amb. Weah and will remain loyal in their support to Senator Weah, terming him as the hope for this country.

In separate statements, Francis Karpu a youth leader in Margibi and a resident of Dolo’s Town lauded the Youth League initiative and pledged their unwavering support to the CDC. He said all those that have come after the disaster to identify with them have not done what the CDC did ,to have come to join them in bringing sanitation to their town is something worth commendation.

In respond, the Youth league Chairman Jefferson T. Koijee appreciate the young people of Dolo Town for the warm welcome and their commitment to the CDC and promised that the CDC will always be there for them stating that , “Amb. Weah is the right man to redeem our people and bring economic emancipation to the people.

The Cleaning-Up campaigns which started on Saturday and ended on Sunday July 10, 2016 was the CDC own way of identifying with flood victims in Margibi County. The exercise which was under the canopy of the Youth League is known as “A Patriotic Call to Service for humanity” is one of the programs of the Youth League that provides Community Services to communities with poor sanitation and hygiene 

In recent times Margibi County, specifically the lower part, has been hardly hit by flood. The situation which has left many displaced, and has prevented the movement of vehicles from plying the route leading from RIA to ELWA. The flood is at the result of the overflowing of the Farmington River and other smaller bodies of water. Poor drainage system is hugely attributed to the flooding according to environmental experts.