Liberia: Representative Tarponweh Expresses Delight Over RIA Highway Corridor Electrification Works 


SCHIEFFLIN, MONTSERRADO COUNTY – Representative Tibelrosa Summoh Tarponweh of Margibi Electoral District one has expressed delight over works done so far in implementing the electrification of the Robert International Airport Road Project.  

Representative Tarponweh said having the entire Robert International Airport highway electrified will bring some relief to his constituents and beautify the airport road corridor.

Touring the vicinity of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) Sub-station in Schiefflin Town along with LEC officials on Monday, August 29, 2022, the Margibi District One Lawmaker lauded LEC and donors for the implementation of the project. 

He vowed to consistently engage LEC so that all those benefiting communities within his constituency are connected.

“I must appreciate LEC for consistently keeping us updated as they continue their work. As we are here representing the people, we must be selfless advocates in making sure that all of these modern opportunities are provided,” he said.

“This is why our advocacy has been robust so that our people are relieved from using generators. In fact, this is our international airport road.  This will bring some relief to our people and beautify our airport road.  For the fact that we are going somewhere, I just want to thank LEC and the donors for understanding the plight of our people as we engaged them.”

For his part, LEC Project Manager Henry Kimber said when the project is completed, over 30,000 homes will be connected. 

The LEC Project Manager stated that the corporation will provide accessible and affordable power, vowing to complete the entire project at the end of this year.

“We are constructing two sub-station along the RIA Highway.  We have one at the airport while we have this here in Schiefflin Town.  The transmission lines run from Paynesville, pass through Schiefflin Town and extend to the Robert International Airport. At the end of the project, we will connect at least 30,000 consumers,” Henry Kimber intimated.

Representative Tarponweh has had a long standing record of advocacy for the expansion and the electrification of the Robert International Airport road since 2017, describing the only international airport road as a death trap.

In May 2019, he joined other leaders and international partners to break ground for the electrification project funded by the African Development Bank and European Union to expand electricity to new customers along the Monrovia-RIA corridor.

It is under the Liberia Energy Efficiency and Access Project (LEEAP) and entails the construction of over 66 kilovolts (KV) double circuit transmission lines from Paynesville to the Robert International Airport.