Liberia: ‘Please Help my Children” – Mother of Triplets Begs for Aid

Marthaline David (middle), her mom (left) and her sister-in-law (left) at the C B Dunbar Hospital in Gbarnga

Gbarnga, Bong County – Days after Aletha Binda, a resident of Gbarnga, delivered a set of male triplets at the Phebe Hospital in Suakoko District, Marthaline David, a resident of Gbarney Town, Jorquelleh District # 3 in Bong County, has also given birth to a set of male triplets. 

Marthaline, 25, said she is finding it very difficult to sustain the three children she simultaneously gave birth to on the 14th October 2019 at the Wainsue Clinic in Jorpolu Clan, Jorquelleh District. “I thank God and I consider it a blessing,” Marthaline said of her children.” There are many couples that are praying hard to be blessed with children, but yet to realize their dreams.”

The visibly depressed Marthaline said the father of the triplets is unemployed and therefore cannot afford to take care of her and the three children because all the money they had has been spent in paying medical bills and rent for the make shift structure they reside. 

“I currently rely on hand outs from friends and well wishers who feel sorry for me”. “The burden of caring for these children is something that we can’t afford.”

She also lamented that some days, things can be so bad that “we go to bed, without eating any food – we only drink water for survival.”

As for the children, she explained “we only give them hot water and cook corn flour for them to eat without any milk and feed them twice a day on it,” At night she said “I only breast feed them before we go to bed to stop them from crying during the night” so as not to disturb my neighbors.

She complained that she and her boyfriend hardly sleep at night “we are busy fanning the children for fresh air and to drive mosquitoes away – we do not sleep on the same bed because it cannot accommodate all five us so both of us normally squeeze among the dishes and pots on the ground where we spread a mat on the floor to pass the night.

She intimated that she had wanted to abandon the babies and run away because she can no longer be able to take care of them, but she was later advised not to do so because the government will arrest her for unlawful killing.  

“Things are very difficult for me and my three children and I can no longer afford to take care of them,” she wept while concluding.

 Marthaline appealed to well-meaning Liberians, members of the Bong Legislative Caucus, the government, Local and International organizations, philanthropists to immediately come to her aid and assist the triplet with both moral and financial support before they die miserably. 

Marthaline has requested that any assistance be channeled through Selma Lomax, reporter of FrontPageAfrica in Bong County via the following contacts: WhatsApp: 0886484666 or call 0886484666 or email [email protected]