West Oil Trumpets Tax Compliance; Proud of Contribution to Liberia’s Economy


Monrovia – West Oil Investment Liberia Limited is proud of its record of making meaningful contributions to the Liberian economy through regular payment of taxes.

While not the biggest importer of petroleum, West Oil has been the most consistent in both import of petroleum and payment of taxes.

Over the last two months alone, West Oil has paid more than US$ 2 million in taxes and continues to meet up with its obligation to government

A senior company executive told FrontPageAfrica this week that it is satisfied with its compliance with the tax laws in Liberia and making payments to the Liberian Revenue Authority on a regular basis.

In 2019/2020, the Liberia Revenue Authority recognized West Oil as being among the highest Petroleum Contributors to the government’s revenue coffers. That trend is expected to continue this year.

WESTOIL Liberia was established in 1998 as an Importer of Petroleum products while sister company Gepco established 1991 continues as a major distributor.

Since establishment WESTOIL has been one of the most consistent importer in Liberia & were commended by LPRC for many years as one of best foreign importers

WESTOIL Liberia has been also commended by LRA for being one of the best tax payers even though they are not the biggest importer

WESTOIL/Gepco thru providing best service specially to customers with huge dependence on energy have established themselves as one of the best if not the best provider of this important commodity to its clients

West Oil’s record as a regular contributor to government revenue is a testament to its longstanding tradition of helping to shape the Liberian economy.

The company remains committed to ensuring that it abides with all the laws in Liberia, including the payment of taxes and fulfilling its commitment to the overall obligations to Liberia.